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Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper
DASH Center says good-bye to its former home, hello to bright, new future

DASH Center for the Arts Executive Director Candi Hall sent out the following letter to announce some great news concerning the Center’s new home:'s that time!!!
Our landlords at 1504 MLK have decided we have done enough to bring joy, beauty and life to that corner. Three months ago they asked us to out by November 30th. After all the work we put into that space, we are sad to have to leave.
This Saturday (Nov. 23), will be our last performance event in that space and we would love to see you all come out and support us! Our in-studio recital will be held from 4-6pm. Come cheer on the kids for all their hard work, as well as the DASH Staff and Administration for theirs!
NOW!!! This is also a RENT Party, as DASH will be moving on bigger and better pastures!! We are in the final stages of solidifying a lease agreement for the old RITE AID/SAVE-A-LOT building on the corner of 11th and MLK...just another corner for us to bring life and joy and beauty!
This new building will be open to several arts groups in the community, not just DASH. We are even planning to give the building it's OWN a representative of the Hilltop.
We hope to see you out at our recital this Saturday, November 23, 4-6 pm then stay and party with us from 6-8!!
ONE LAST THING...if there are any Mechanical Engineers or HVAC folks that could volunteer just a little time to look over something for us that would be great!! Gotta clear some things before signing the lease. Contact Candi