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Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Comedian Titus working on movie that’s like “‘The Shield’ with handicapped people”

Christopher Titus will headline Tacoma Comedy Club next week, from April 11-13, which was a good excuse to call the guy up to talk about his new standup comedy special, “Voice in My Head” and other stuff he's been working on.

Apparently, his forthcoming projects include a movie that expands on a pilot he shot a few years back called “Special Unit.” Titus described it as “'The Shield' with handicapped people,” explaining he plays a crooked cop assigned to train a squad of disabled recruits trying out for the LAPD.

“It’s just so wrong,” he said. “Everything you’re not supposed to say to disabled people is said, and at the end of the day they end up being a better squad than I could ever be.”

It was April Fool's Day, so I wondered if he was pulling my leg. Then I found video evidence (below) that he had, indeed, tried to get this one past Comedy Central's standards and practices department.

“The reason I wrote the entire idea was not to be outrageous,” he elaborated. “I have some friends who are disabled. They were comedians, and they were complaining they don’t get jobs, they don’t get approached on stuff.

"My buddy who’s got CP (cerebral palsy), he’s one of the smartest comics. I tell a story about him, actually, in this special. It’s about Michael Aronin. When Mike walks into the room, ‘cause he’s got CP, people turn away from him. They don’t even go, “Hey, what’s up, dude.” They turn away, or they walk away, and in an elevator they won’t look at him.

"I wanted to kind of kill that (stigma). You can’t do that (by being) 'Boy in the Bubble' sappy. You have to go balls out the other way. So my character has no problem calling them on everything, using the word 'retard' and using the word 'wobblies.' The great thing about them is we humanize them because they jump right back in my face all the time." 

Titus said filming would likely start in September for a 2014 release. So what do you think? Would you go check this out?

Our Titus Q & A will run in Friday's paper. Check back here between now and then for audio clips from the interview.