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Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
Changes afoot at Puyallup hatchery

The Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation has received its non-profit federal tax number and an agreement with Fish & Wildlife outlining educational and community operations at the historic hatchery.

The news means the nonprofit can now accept donations for an education center at the Clark’s Creek facility. Word is also out that the hatchery might shift to salmon production while moving trout operations to a facility in Lakewood.

Also in foundation news is that its director has resigned. During a special meeting held on April 17, Paula Harmes was removed as the acting vice president and director of the organization, according to a foundation memo.

“Her letter of resignation as VP was read and accepted and after discussion, a formal motion to remove Paula as a Director was made and unanimously passed by all of the Directors,” the memo stated. “Paula Harmes no longer represents the Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation at any level, or in any capacity.”

The Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation has since created a new facebook page: for updated news since the original page is no longer managed by foundation board members.

“We do not verify, give approval, or have any control over the material content," the memo stated.