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Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper
Call for art, models, musicians and vendors

Tacoma visual artist Julian Peña is busy planning the next big art event at The Mix. Always pursuing variety and change, he encourages all to consider participating in a multitude of ways.
“This event is all about the creative community coming together and showing their work and sharing their visions,” he said. “Though we artists have bills and we always strive to do art/music that’s paid, this event is all about the creative community and showcasing art/music that’s current in the state of Washington.
“You can’t pursue artistic dreams fully without sometimes sharing your time and talent for free in the spirit of collaboration, not competition. I can certainly offer carpool for those who want in on this the day of the event.”
Peña is seeking artists and musicians for live art, performance art, interactive art, exhibiting art, even tarot readings. If you have a unique talent, share it with the creative community. All are asked to provide a portfolio and/or website and/or your vision showing what you want to do. Sales of works will be the same as normal except that a silent auction type of concept will be included.
Volunteers are needed. “Anyone from the creative community can help out while adding this event to their resume/academic applications,” said Peña. “We can always use a hand in facilitating the event and in clean up. Marketing and PR help is always appreciated. Perhaps someone great with people would make an ideal noise maker (courtesy of Tanita for the idea).”
Vendors, if you have something to sell that you believe is unique and marketable in Tacoma and would like to take up on the opportunity of utilizing a venue at a time of an organized event for your products? Come inquire.
Models: Someone willing to use their bodies for art/performance/figure drawing with confidence and have fun while doing it.
The event will have Halloween elements but the art will be created for art, not Halloween. If the theme fits the holiday, great, as there will be a specified theme closer to the creation of the event’s flyer.
“We work with each artist to include the most celebrated works they have available and to find a focus to create new works for the event. Do you have an artist that influences you? If not, have you explored artists like Cory Arcangel, Wade Guyton, Lillian Schwartz, Chiho Aoshima, and Sammy Cucher? Those are the kind of questions asked to encourage a flow of creativity and challenge for each individual artist, giving artists a chance to develop themselves among the creative community,” Peña said.
Artists will be required to pay 15 percent commission toward The Mix and marketing/promo, while vendors receives 100 percent profit. Artists will have more leverage in sales and PR since the artists chosen to exhibit will be those that give attention toward higher standards in studio practices.
All art will have a professional treatment, matting (if necessary), framing, cleaning up edges of canvasses, etc. “Our mission is to provide local artists a chance to showcase their works professionally, which I personally believe anyone can do,” Peña said. He added that this will be a 21-and-over event at The Mix and the target month (subject to change) is in Octover (the Sunday before Halloween).
To get hooked up, visit the Creative Community of Tacoma Facebook group page at