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Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
Biebergate, day two: What does the pop star have to hide?

More has come out about the computer that surfaced at a Hilltop neighborhood pawn shop, a device believed to be at the center of pop star Justin Bieber’s laptop prank (which may not actually be a prank.)

Local business owner Justin Peterson tells Tacoma Weekly he and employee Mike Parker ventured to the pawn shop next door to find an inexpensive computer for his business, Peterson Brothers 1111.

After purchasing the computer they noticed stickers bordering its monitor that read, “Bieb’s computer. Hands off!!!” And recalling something about a Bieber-related hoax, they quickly looked for evidence this might be the pop star’s laptop.

“There’s a lot of crazy stuff on here,” Peterson said, grinning broadly. “Check this out.” He launched the laptop’s Entourage program adding,”Seriously, the password was “Selena.’ Selena! I guessed it in, like, two tries.”

He double-clicked a sent message to someone named “Usher,” perhaps an alias of some sort:

"Hey, thanks for sending your guy with my 'vitamins' to Tacoma. I didn’t take them for a couple of days before the tour launch, and you know how that went. Epic fail. LOL. Good thing that Lady Gaga poser keeps biting my style. That showoff even kept dancing while she puked. Anyway, That’ll keep those TMZ morons off my back for five minutes.

J to the B"

Another e-mail seemed to address a legal matter.

"Didn’t we send that [expletive deleted] a restraining order? That kid is not mine. Period. Seriously, am I the only one that notices he’s got Nick Jonas’s nose? Just sayin.’"

We'll post more updates as details surface. Wink, wink.