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Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
Ben Union CD release set for Feb. 12 at Crocodile Cafe

Recently, we ran a piece about Tacoma singer-songwriter Ben Union and the new direction he's taking his music, and now we have a bona fide release date for the tunes he was talking about. “This Blessed Union Vol. 2” will hit the streets on Jan. 12, and Union and company will celebrate with a big show that night at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe.

Aaron Daniel and the Fame Riot will share the bill. Union has been doing a lot of collaborating lately. And special guests during his set will include Guy Keltner of Fox and the Law, Shazam Watkins, Greg Floyd of Whiskey Syndicate, Matt Brown, Ayron Jones and Travis Barker. (No, not that Travis Barker. The dude from Elk and Boar.)