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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Audio: Curtis Salgado revisits the “Blues Brothers” connection

Portland blues and soul man Curtis Salgado will headline Tacoma's Jazzbones on Friday, March 8. And there was plenty to talk about when I called the 59-year-old Everett native last week: “Sure Shot,” his critically acclaimed debut for Alligator Records; being crowned soul/blues artist of the year at the 34th annual Blues Awards in Memphis; his third run in with cancer last year. (He recently got a clean bill of health, thankfully.)

But no Salgado interview would be complete without at least passing mention of his connection to John Landis' classic comedy, “The Blues Brothers.” We didn't get into the story of how he befriended John Belushi in 1977 for the concert preview we have running this week. It's been printed a thousand times - here in the Eugene Register-Guard, for example. But Salgado isn't totally sick of telling it yet. So just click the audio link below to hear how “Joliet” Jake Blues was born.