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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper
Animal Planet disses Legend of Bigfoot

Those who tuned in to Sunday's episode of Animal Planet's “Finding Bigfoot”expecting to see local rockers Legend of Bigfoot were sorely disappointed. The band was filmed last summer but wound up on the cutting room floor, a major bummer that lead guitarist Jason Flom addressed, via Facebook:

“This highly disappoints. But hey, we were honored to be filmed, and it was fun while it happened. Still, we're excited about the future. We never set out to be a band on TV; we set out to make mind-bending rock records and that's exactly what we've just done. You just wait.”

Meh, that show sucks anyway. Seriously, how have they built an entire series on dubiously blurry footage shot by yokels who have yet to discover high-res digital photography. Or Bigfoot, for that matter. And the show's producers didn't do enough research to realize that Sasquatch isn't quite the shy guy they make him out to be. Around here, we know he likes to hang out with thousands of people and do rad stuff like this.