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Monday, July 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
And your favorite James Bond opening credits song is ...

There are several essential elements to a classic James Bond flick. Double-oh-seven has got to match wits with a megalomaniacal baddie. He's got to bed down exotic, international hotties. He's got to slurp down some shaken-no-stirred libation - preferably in some sort of casino setting, looking stunning in a tailor-made suit.

Our favorite spy has also got to have bombastic opening credits music, a precedent established in his 1962 debut, “Dr. No.” So as America's top action flick, “Skyfall,” was opening we we asked readers for their favorite Bond themes. And this is how you all voted:

  1. “Live & Let Die” performed by Paul McCartney & Wings, 1973 (18 percent)
  2. (tie) “From Russia With Love” performed by Matt Munro, 1963; “Thunderball” performed by Tom Jones, 1965; “Skyfall” performed by Adele, 2012 (14 percent)
  3. (tie) “James Bond Theme” performed by John Barry & Orchestra, 1962; “Nobody Does It Better” performed by Carly Simon, 1977, “The Spy Who Love Me” Theme
  4. (tie) “You Only Live Twice” performed by Nancy Sinatra, 1967; “A View to A Kill” performed by Duran Duran, 1985; “The Living Daylights” performed by a-Ha, 1987; “This World Is Not Enough” performed by Garbage, 1999; “Another Way to Die” performed by Jack White & Alicia Keys, 2008

But what?!? We weren't expecting a win for Lulu's “The Man With the Golden Gun.” But not a single vote for the queen of Bond divas, Shirley Bassey, who sang not only “Goldfinger,” but also “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Moonraker”? What is this world coming to?