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Saturday, June 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
Alcohol Impact Area passes, set to start in mid March

Tacoma City Council passed a plan last night to make the selling of fortified wines and high-alcohol malt liquors in the city’s North and West Ends in an effort to stem the rise of street drunkenness, petty crimes and littering of the tall cans and pocket-sized bottles the boozers leave behind.

The first step in the effort is to politely ask the 37 convenience stores and grocery outlets that sell the dozens of brands, commonly with the High Gravity, Steel, Ice names, to stop stocking them on their shelves. If the request doesn’t solve the issue, the effort steps up from there until the ban in made mandatory.

The council voted 8-1 on the plan with Council member Joe Lonergan in opposition because he said the idea would only push street drunks into his district in South Tacoma.

This AIA spans about a third of the city, from Cedar and Alder streets and Commencement Bay to The Narrows on the west; and from 19th and Center streets to Point Defiance. The city has two other AIAs that cover downtown and the Lincoln district, making cheap booze more difficult to find around the City of Destiny.