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Tuesday, September 01, 2015 This Week's Paper
Animal Planet disses Legend of Bigfoot

Those who tuned in to Sunday's episode of Animal Planet's “Finding Bigfoot”expecting to see local rockers Legend of Bigfoot were sorely disappointed. The band was filmed last summer but wound up on the cutting room floor, a major bummer that lead guitarist Jason Flom addressed, via Facebook:

“This highly disappoints. But hey, we were honored to be filmed, and it was fun while it happened. Still, we're excited about the future. We never set out to be a band on TV; we set out to make mind-bending rock records and that's exactly what we've just done. You just wait.”

Meh, that show sucks anyway. Seriously, how have they built an entire series on dubiously blurry footage shot by yokels who have yet to discover high-res digital photography. Or Bigfoot, for that matter. And the show's producers didn't do enough research to realize that Sasquatch isn't quite the shy guy they make him out to be. Around here, we know he likes to hang out with thousands of people and do rad stuff like this.

Two additional members are needed for the seven-member Citizen Review Panel, a volunteer advisory panel to the City Council with oversight of Tacoma Police Department policy. Members of the Citizen Review Panel are appointed by the City Council for three-year terms and are responsible for:

• Conducting policy review
• Reviewing trends in complaint investigation and statistical reports
• Engaging in community outreach
• Attending monthly public meetings

Qualified applicants will be screened by a criminal background check and must: be a registered voter, have lived in Tacoma for at least two years immediately before applying, not hold any other elective public office, not currently serve as a member of the Tacoma Police Department or be an immediate family member of a department employee. The City is committed to promoting diversity in the city’s boards, committees and commissions.

Women, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, persons of color and immigrants are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be submitted to the Mayor’s Office by Feb. 8. To apply, send a completed application to: Cindy DeGrosse, Mayor’s Office, Room 1200, Municipal Building, 747 Market St., Tacoma, WA 98402. Applicants can download the required application for committees, boards and commissions at or request an application by calling (253) 594-7848.

Administrators at Fife's Discovery Elementary School and Endeavour Intermediate School invite the community to help a school family in need.

The day after Christmas, a local family had the horrifying experience of a house fire. The cause is unknown at this time. The fire department let them back into the house to begin clean-up.

While they were working, the neighbors came over to report that smoke was again coming out of the upstairs window. They had to call the fire department to come again.

They were renting and didn’t know they needed renter’s insurance. The insurance company temporarily put them up in a motel, but they had to vacate today with nowhere to go. They also have to pay back the insurance company for the days they were at the motel.

Debbie Hartigan, guidance counselor at Discovery Primary School, has been in contact with different organizations, is seeking help for this family in dire need – for emergency housing and funds to restart their lives. The parents are very scared and concerned for their two young boys.

Hartigan has set up an account at Columbia Bank to make a donation to this family. People can also bring their donation to Deana Holmes at Endeavour at 1304 17th Ave, Milton, WA 98354 or bring it to Hartigan at Discovery, 1205 19th Ave, Milton, WA 98354 or anyone in the front office at Discovery.

The way the account is set up Debbie has to make the deposits, and accompany the family to make withdrawals. The effort has raised $510 so far, but it needs $800, so the family can move into a basement apartment they are able to rent.

The apartment is owned by another school family who is willing to let them rent month to month without a deposit. This family has a son at Endeavour and another in the first grade at Discovery.

Port of Tacoma commissioners have named Don Meyer to lead the 2013 Commission. Meyer, who was elected to the commission in 2009, succeeds Dick Marzano as president.

Meyer is the former executive director of the Foss Waterway Development Authority and a former deputy executive director of the port. He also currently serves on the Pierce College board of trustees, the Pacific Lutheran University School of Business Executive Advisory Board, the Tacoma Waterfront Association, Tacoma-Pierce County Economic Development Board, the board of the LeMay Car Museum and the Joint Municipal Action Committee. He also recently served on the Governor's Connecting Washington Task Force.

The port’s five commissioners serve four-year terms. Officer positions rotate yearly. Clare Petrich will serve as vice president and Don Johnson will serve as secretary.

Commission meetings and study sessions are open to the public. They are held in Room 104 of The Fabulich Center at 3600 Port of Tacoma Rd. Meetings also are available for viewing live and on demand from the Port's website.

Today is national trivia day. So did you know that Tacoma is the only major city on the West Coast without a "China Town?"

Yep, blame residents of 1885 for that. But also visit the park that hopes to make amends for that racist bit of local history.

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