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Sunday, May 01, 2016 This Week's Paper
Delta Dental of Washington Brings Smile Power to Tacoma

Smiles are transformative, powerful and contagious – and they will be delivered to deserving and unsuspecting faces in Tacoma April 19 to 21. For three days beginning on Tuesday, April 19, Delta Dental of Washington’s Tooth Fairy and Smile Power team be in town with the Smile Power vehicle, bringing surprise and delight moments and free smiles to those they meet.

As part of this ‘Smile Power’ tour, Delta Dental is celebrating Smile Makers and community members who give back through volunteering, kind acts and other good deeds. Whether at home, at work or out having coffee,… Read More

Early signs of big improvements coming to Point Defiance Park

Traffic revisions, fencing, and construction equipment are early signs of big improvements coming to Point Defiance Park under Destination Point Defiance.

Destination Point Defiance is a long-term comprehensive planning initiative started years ago to enhance the park's experience and honor its character.

Traffic near the main picnic area has been re-routed through parking lot due to installation of construction fencing around the aquarium project site. Temporary site access for contractors is being constructed and erosion and sediment control elements will be installed. The contractor's… Read More

Jury duty scams on the rise

Jury coordinators in Pierce County have received several reports this week of scammers working the phones to trick residents into believing they owe a fine for missing jury duty.

Here’s what to look out for:

An unsuspecting person receives a call informing them that they have missed their summons to come to Jury Duty and now have a warrant out for their arrest. They are told the only way to fix the situation is to purchase a cash card from the store, call back a phone number they are given and provide the scammer the numbers on the card. Within minutes the scammers… Read More

Department of Agriculture to spray for Gypsy Moths

The Washington State Department of Agriculture will conduct the first of several treatments beginning next weekend to eradicate Asian and European gypsy moths, highly destructive, invasive pests found in several Western Washington sites.
Local sites include large areas of Tacoma’s tideflats, Fife, Edgewood and Milton.

In total, WSDA will treat about 10,500 acres with Btk (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki), which is approved for use on organic food crops and has been safely used in previous gypsy moth eradication projects for many years. April 16 is the tentative date… Read More

... aaaaaaand we have Jeff Dunham contest winners

Congratulations to Debbie Nubile and Laura Moltzen who each answered all four questions from our Jeff Dunham challenge correctly. As a result, they each get a pair of tickets to catch Dunham's  April 10 performance at the Tacoma Dome. Just to recap, though, here are the answers they got right.

1. What… Read More

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