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Friday, September 04, 2015 This Week's Paper
Puyallup River Bridge Closure June 1 - 3

The City of Tacoma will close the Puyallup River Bridge, located on Puyallup Avenue between Portland Avenue and Milwaukee Way, from Monday, June 1, through Wednesday, June 3. The bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic during this time with detours in place and will remain open to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

This closure is necessary to repair structural damage that occurred in April 2015 when a high truck load impacted a cross brace on the bridge.

Weight restrictions of 10 tons will still be in effect after these repairs are completed. These restrictions won't be lifted until the entire bridge, which was built in 1927, is replaced.

Local leaders join forces to plan for Chambers Creek Canyon trail

Leaders of Pierce County and the cities of University Place and Lakewood have agreed to work together to develop a trail through the scenic Chambers Creek Canyon.

The two cities have already approved the agreement. With the Pierce County Council’s unanimous approval on May 26, the three entities agree to collaborate on seeking grants and other funding sources to plan and build a recreational trail.

“The property borders our respective jurisdictions, and it would be very expensive for any single entity to construct all on its own, so this resolution allows us to join forces and build something great for our residents,” said Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy. “We have such a wonderful, natural setting in the Chambers Creek Canyon and citizens have been asking for a recreational trail through the area for some time.”

Council Resolution 2015-57, a bipartisan measure sponsored by Councilmembers Connie Ladenburg and Doug Richardson, cites the county’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan; the City of University Place Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan; the City of Lakewood Legacy Plan; and the county’s Chambers Creek Properties Master Site Plan to support the development of natural recreational opportunities that link local communities.

“In early 2013, we hosted a joint town hall meeting with University Place and Lakewood to listen to what the people had to say about the possibility of future trails through the canyon,” said Richardson, who represents the 6th Council District, which includes Lakewood. “I’d say the response was overwhelmingly positive and I'm glad we’re moving forward with this trail which people wanted.”

“There is clearly a need for a safe, non-motorized trail through the canyon in order to access the trails and communities on each side of Chambers Creek,” said Ladenburg, who serves the people of the 4th Council District, which includes University Place. “This resolution means that we’re serious about providing that community resource.”

The tales of debauchery and excess during the final days of the Weimar Republic that gave rise to the oppression and destruction of Germany’s Third Reich found in the show “Cabaret” are community theater gold.

“Cabaret,” directed by John Munn, is a musical adaptation of the novel “Goodbye to Berlin” by Christopher Isherwood that chronicles the twilight of the anything-goes nights of booze, drugs and sex found in pre-war Berlin to the oppressive darkness brought by the dawn of Nazi rule through the eyes of patrons and dancers of the famed Kit Kat Klub.

Central to the show is the emcee, (played by Mauro Bozzo) as he inches scene after scene from the energized, fun-loving purveyor of decadence when the curtain rises to a frightened shell of humanity, knowing full well death nears as the curtain finally falls. Bozzo nails the iconic role with his uber-sized, lounge-act personality and power vocals in Act One that transform to kittenish childhood fear in the Act Two.

Mirroring that transition is the Kit Kat’s headlining dancer, Sally Bowles, (Elise Campello) as her nights of boozing and partying with anyone with an open bottle crash to an epic on-stage meltdown. Campello, a veteran singer, dancer and actor, brings her all to the sexy-turned-pitiful role.

Clifford (Niclas R. Olson) is a struggling American author who finds himself embroiled in German politics when he falls for Bowles and finds himself smuggling black market items for his “good friend” Ernst (Kyle Sinclair), from Paris to Berlin. The goods he shuttles by train are then sold to fund the Nazi Party. The role serves as part narrator of sorts as his warnings about the rise of Adolf Hitler go unheard until all is lost. Olson plays the role with depth and substance, without stealing focus from the storyline and sub plots that include the tails of a patriotic prostitute (Rachel Fitzgerald) who singlehandedly strives to service the entire German Navy as a way to survive, and the romantic struggles of their landlady (Rosalie Hilburn) and her aged paramour, (Joseph Grant) who fear of dying alone but worry about the rise of anti-Semitism more.

Toss in a few well-timed burlesque numbers by the lightly clothed Kit Kat dancers (Amanda Jackson, LaNita Hudson, Haley Kim, Kathy Kluska), and the show ties tightly together with a sexy vibe and increasingly obvious threads of danger.

The production of the John Kandor and Fred Ebb musical was in good hands with Munn’s direction, musical direction by Pamela Merritt Caldwell and choreography by Lexi Barnett. Munn is known for staging shows where every action has a reason and every prop has a purpose, while Caldwell and Barnett demand purpose-driven perfection. That comes in this show.

“Cabaret” runs at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and at 2 p.m. on Sundays through June 14, at Tacoma Little Theatre, 210 N. I St. Tickets and information are available at and (253) 272-2281. Tickets are $15 to $25. This show is recommended for ages 13 and up because of its portrayal of drugs use, casual sex and dark themes.

Vote on the new Tacoma Amtrak station clocktower

The Washington State Department of Transportation wants your input on design concepts for a clocktower at the new Amtrak Station at Freighthouse Square. The clocktower will be one element of the new station, which will serve Amtrak passengers beginning in 2017. The station is part of the larger Point Defiance Bypass project.

WSDOT has been developing the station design with input from a subgroup of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, who believe the clocktower could serve as an iconic addition to the Tacoma landscape. It will stand 80 to 90 feet tall and be located on 25th Street, in front of the Freighthouse Square building and across the street from the commuter parking garage.

Visit tthe station page to view the design concepts and vote on your favorite by June 8.

Nighttime Roadwork for Asphalt Repairs This Week

Tacoma’s Street Operations Division will perform asphalt repairs on South 38th Street from Steele Street to South Tacoma Way from May 26, to May 30, at 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. each night with traffic detours in place. These repairs will result in partial closures, but the street will be open to traffic each morning. Full street closures include:

The intersection of South 38th and Pine streets will be closed on May 26, and May 27, from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. The intersection of Center Street and Union Avenue will be closed May 30, from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.

The repairs will involve grinding and repaving portions of the street, and result in a smoother and better preserved road surface. All work is weather dependent and local and emergency vehicle access will be allowed.

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