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Sunday, November 29, 2015 This Week's Paper
Firefighters Respond to Severed Weather Emergencies

Yesterdays violent winds and driving rains kept firefighters running from one emergency to the next. Thankfully, none were severe, said East Pierce Fire and Rescue Fire Chief Bud Backer.

“Our crews ran 69 calls in a 24-hour period,” he said. On a typical day, East Pierce firefighters respond to an average of 17 to 20 calls per day, he reported. “We were extremely busy between 1 and 6 p.m., but it slowed down after that, as the wind let up,” he said.

The incidents were spread throughout the fire district that includes Bonney Lake, Sumner, South Prairie, Lake Tapps, Milton…

Tacoma Under Flood Watch

Be advised that a Flood Watch is in effect from Tuesday morning, Nov. 17, through Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 18.

The city maintains more than 500 miles of stormwater pipe and 17,000 catch basins as well as pump stations and regional flood control facilities. When excessive rain causes flooding, the city often responds to flooding complaints and cleans out clogged storm drains.

Each year, Tacoma gets about 40 inches of rain, with nearly four inches of it falling within just 24 hours. When that much rain comes down that fast the city’s stormwater system can get overwhelmed…

Strong Winds Expected Today

Very strong winds are scheduled for today, with sustained winds of 25 to 40 m.p.h. beginning in the morning and gusts of up to 60 m.p.h. predicted to hit at around 1 to 2 p.m. or as early as 11 a.m.

In addition, a second system of wind could hit this evening at approximately 5:30 and bring gusts of 55 mph.

The resulting saturated ground and high winds may cause downed trees and power outages. Tacoma Power is anticipating and planning for widespread outages and conditions that could delay restoration efforts.

Because of the nature of this storm, outages could last much…

Seattle radio station outlines plans to buy KUOW, switch to all-jazz format

Today, Seattle's KUOW-FM (94.9) announced plans to purchase the broadcast license of fellow National Public Radio Affiliate, KPLU-FM (88.5), which is currently owned by Pacific Lutheran University.
Both stations currently run NPR programming, but a Q & A page on KUOW-FM's web site outlined plans to rename KPLU and switch to an all jazz format. “There will be two stations: one for National Public Radio and Northwest news (94.9 FM) and…

HOME Canvassing Initiative will Launch in November

Last month, 68 Tacoma homes were scheduled for foreclosure auction. Foreclosures are still a reality for many homeowners in Tacoma. To help educate homeowners and tenants about resources and how to access them to avoid foreclosure, the City of Tacoma has partnered with Seattle University School of Law’s Foreclosure Mediation and Outreach Project to launch a canvassing effort HOME – Home Ownership Mediation and Education.

Trained canvassers will be knocking on Tacoma doors in neighborhoods where the foreclosure rate is high to provide resource packets and information to homeowners…

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