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Saturday, October 03, 2015 This Week's Paper
Executive unveils sustainable, customer-focused budget

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy detailed her budget proposal before the County Council Tuesday, highlighting an expanded economy, improved customer services and an investment in what she termed the “moral center” of government.

Her 2016 budget proposal calls for, among other things, finishing the county wastewater treatment facility – which is currently 65-percent complete, improving permitting processes, continuing the property clean-up program, and using “lean” continuous improvement practices to eliminate waste in county government.

“We have worked hard over…

Pierce Transit to pilot express service between NE Tacoma and downtown

Pierce Transit will reintroduce express service between Northeast Tacoma and downtown Tacoma starting Monday. The new Route 63 is a one-year pilot project to test demand for the service. Among other benefits, the route will offer NE Tacoma residents a quick and easy way to get downtown and back, and improved connections with the Federal Way Transit Center. This is the first time since 2011 Pierce Transit has been able to offer direct service between NE Tacoma and downtown.

The NE Tacoma Express will provide three morning peak-time trips from NE Tacoma into downtown, and three late afternoon/early…

Prosecutor Lindquist delivers opening statement in Grisso murder trial

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist delivered opening statement in the trial of William Grisso, 42, who is charged with the 2014 shooting death of his fiancé, Nancy Gardner, 45, whom he had reported missing. Gardner’s cell phone led detectives to her body in Belfair.

“On the day of the murder, the defendant had a wife, a fiancé and a girlfriend,” Lindquist began. “He was separated from his wife, he was tired of his fiancé, and he wanted to be with his girlfriend.”

According to Lindquist, the defendant’s complicated love life was simplified when he had his wife…

Driver charged with murder in fatal police chase

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist has charged Mac Robert Tappon, 25, with murder in the second degree, vehicular homicide, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and driving while license suspended or revoked in the third degree. A woman died after being ejected from Tappon’s vehicle during a police chase in Milton last week. Tappon pleaded not guilty and is being held in lieu of $750,000 bail.

“The defendant turned a routine stop into a homicide,” said Lindquist. “He should have just pulled over and dealt with the consequences.”

Tacoma Educator Named Teacher of the Year

Lincoln High School's was named Washington’s 2016 Teacher of the Year at an awards ceremony this afternoon.

State Superintendent Randy Dorn congratulated the nine Regional Teachers of the Year and announced the State Teacher of the Year at EMP Museum. The event was hosted by EMP and the Charles Beresford Company.

Superintendent Dorn praised the group saying, “Nathan and the 2016 Teachers of the Year are great examples of the deep caring educators have for their students and communities. This is not just a job for them. It is a calling. They put everything they have into helping…

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