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Tuesday, September 01, 2015 This Week's Paper

Due to stagnant weather conditions and rising air pollution, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is continuing their Stage 1 burn ban for Pierce County.

This ban is in effect until further notice. The purpose of a burn ban is to reduce the amount of pollution that is creating unhealthy air usually due to excessive wood smoke. The Clean Air Agency will continue to closely monitor the situation.

A high pressure system is expected to bring mostly calm conditions through Tuesday. We’ll see especially low wind speeds in Pierce County which means fog and a buildup of air pollution. A system should arrive late Tuesday, or early Wednesday to ventilate the region again.

Burn ban enforcement has significantly increased in the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone. Wood burning during a ban may result in a fine, with fines in the past reaching $1,000. Increased enforcement and night patrols will increase the likelihood of violators receiving substantial fines this season.

During a Stage 1 burn ban:
* No burning is allowed in fireplaces or uncertified wood stoves. Residents should rely instead on their home’s other, cleaner source of heat (such as their furnace or electric baseboard heaters) for a few days until air quality improves, the public health risk diminishes and the ban is cancelled. The only exception is if a wood stove is a home’s only adequate source of heat.
* No outdoor fires are allowed. This includes recreational fires such as bonfires, campfires and the use of fire pits and chimines.
* Burn ban violations are subject to a $1,000 penalty.

It is OK to use natural gas, propane, pellet and EPA-certified wood stoves or inserts during a Stage 1 burn ban.

Tacoma, and much of Pierce County, is one of only 32 areas in the country that doesn't meet federal health standards for air quality. Wood smoke plays a large part in this pollution problem in our region. In 2009, an area Smoke Reduction Zone was designated and new programs implemented to make the region healthier.

News Haiku

To give a continuous shout out to the Art at Work effort going on all through the month of November, here is a recap of the news as presented in a haiku.

Fried turkey coma;
Cougars win, Hawks not so much.
Back to Monday grind.

Traditional haiku consist of 17 “on” (also known as morae), in three phrases of five, seven and five on respectively. Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables, this isn’t quite right since syllables and “on” are not the same, but this is Tacoma so we make our own rules. Now, you try it.

Use of three lines of up to 17 syllables, with the five, seven, five pattern.
Use of a "season" word;
Use of a "cut" or "kire" (sometimes indicated by a punctuation mark) to compare two unrelated images.

The amazing ride of the Bellarmine Lions continued on Saturday night at the Tacoma Dome as they defeated the Auburn Trojans by a score of 21-19 in the state class 4A semifinals, and await the defending champion Skyline Spartans next Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. for the 4A championship.

The Lions were led by Lou Millie – who chipped in with 128 yards on the ground – and Sefo Liufau, who threw for two touchdowns on the night and engineered a clutch fourth-quarter drive to run out the clock and propel Bellarmine into the title game. The vaunted Auburn running attack did their damage at times, with long touchdown runs from Harold Lee and Darnell Hagans, but the Lions’ defense came up with big plays when they needed them to help preserve the win.

Once again as they have done all season, the Lions’ offense line took control of the game when they were needed most, giving Millie running lanes and Liufau time to throw when he needed to in the second half.

When the team arrived back on campus, emotions overflowed as many coaches and players contemplated the chance of obtaining the first championship in the school’s history. Next weekend will also be the first time they’ve played in the state title game since 1928.

Skyline will be a tough opponent, but the resilient Lions have such great belief in themselves and are on a roll that might not end anytime soon. It should be a great one next Saturday night, with a huge sea of navy blue in attendance.

Thanks to everyone at Pierce County Community Newspaper Group

I wanted to take a moment to recognize those who I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am thankful for this great group of employees here at Tacoma Weekly, Fife Free Press, Milton-Edgewood Signal and Puyallup Tribal News. Because of all them working together, we are able to produce great community news.

Each one of them greatly cares about the communities they serve and the things that go on here. They all take great pride in their work and have a great time doing it. You can see their love and humor come out in all their work.

I am also thankful for all of our faithful readers, week after week. Thank you for your loyalty and support to us. You make our jobs worth it! We love all your comments and great story ideas about what you want to see in your local paper. What a great and fun place. There is no other place like here!

I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you Again: Matt Nagle, John Larson, Kate Burrows, Steve Mullen, Jeremy Helling, Steve Dunkelberger, Ernest Jasmin, Kathleen Merryman, Cedric Leggin, Ed Curran, Kim Pyle, Dave Davison, Tammy Vince Cruz, Rose Thiele, Nicole Boote, Laura Winkelman, Colleen McDonald, Rocky Ross, Karen Westeen and David B. Hardt.
- Tim Meikle - Production Manager - PCCNG

One of the benefits of being the on-line editor of a newspaper is that I get to post whatever comes into my head.

Well, with Thanksgiving tomorrow and the children already out of school for the extended holiday weekend, I can post photographs of my son's Thanksgiving Day performance at Whittier Elementary School yesterday.

When you run a news desk, you can do the same.

Enjoy the cuteness.

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