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Friday, May 27, 2016 This Week's Paper
Trade watchers to host export forum

With 95 percent of potential customers living outside the United States, exporting goods and services makes great sense and can add significantly to a firm’s bottom line.

The Pierce County Economic Development Department and the World Trade Center Tacoma are teaming up to host an Export Forum this month to help businesses succeed.

Washington State Commerce Director Brian Bonlender will be the keynote speaker at this annual event. Participants will learn about exporting from private companies and federal, state and local experts.

The event is free, so join other business… Read More

Kits has landed

Tacoma Weekly's own Kathleen Merryman and a group of fellow travelers has landed in Biot, France for a visit to Tacoma's newest Sister City.

You can follower the adventures on Tumblr at

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The blogosphere is all abuzz and atwitter following local news reports that State Farm is continuing negotiations to lease the Russell Investment building and other Class A spaces nearby to house about 2,000 workers for claims processing.

While few folks at the table are talking on the record about the negotiations, word has trickled out since January. The latest news blitz comes after Frank Russell Investments negotiated an early termination of its lease with the building’s owner Ilahie Holdings that took effect in March. That deal frees up the building for a new tenant, or tenants,… Read More

News Haiku: offender housing

You have asked; and I have answered. The News Haiku is back for the month of April to give a continuous shout out to National Poetry Month. Here is a recap of the news as presented in a haiku.

Felons to snuggle,
As T-town, prisons shack up;
Ahhh, Summer lovin'.

Now you try it:
Traditional haiku consist of 17 “on” (also known as morae), in three phrases of five, seven and five "on" respectively. Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables, this isn’t quite right since syllables and “on” are not the same, but this is Tacoma… Read More

Port’s Strategic plan progress tops Thursday’s agenda

At their Thursday meeting, Port of Tacoma Commissioners will hear a report on the first year of the port's 10-year strategic plan and consider adopting updates to the document.

Port officials tallied solid progress last year toward the 10 performance targets that measure the plan’s success, and updates to the document are intended to provide further focus and clarity to the initiatives detailed in the plan.

Commission meetings begin at noon in Room 104 of The Fabulich Center, 3600 Port of Tacoma Road. Meetings… Read More

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