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Friday, October 28, 2016 This Week's Paper

Propbox Theatre Group, an all-teen theater troupe that strives to create a safe and fun environment for teens to express themselves through quality theatre as well as receive the benefit of supporting local charities is prepping for a show.

Performances will be at the Pythian Temple Hall at 925 Broadway, across the street from the Pantages Theater.

Performances of "Beauty IS A Beast" are on May… Read More

The movers and shakers of Tacoma and the general riff-raff that make T-town the Gritty City faced “jail time” for the annual Muscular Dystrophy “lock-up” fundraiser.

The event surpassed its $70,000, with donations continuing to stream in for another month.

Some hooligan from the Tacoma Weekly committed the offense of answering his phone and found himself “behind bars” at American’s Car Museum with the task of raising $3,200 in bail alongside other neer-do-wells, while noshing on food donated by Pacific Grill.

Donations can be made at… Read More

Dome Top and First Creek neighborhood groups host cleanup on May 18

Single-family and duplex homeowners and renters in the Dome Top and First Creek neighborhoods and surrounding areas are preparing to dispose of unsightly debris from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 18 at the Tacoma Dome (2727 East D St.) with the assistance of staff from the City of Tacoma and community volunteers.

All that is required to discard debris and other unwanted items is proof of neighborhood residence, such as a driver’s license or current utility bill. Items that cannot be discarded as part of this effort include: material from a business; cars, motorcycles, campers or boat parts;… Read More

The blogosphere was all atwitter in recent weeks about the "sidewalk" that appeared the four-way stop intersection at 6th Avenue and St. Helens in downtown Tacoma.

The City of Tacoma has since ground down the street to remove the painted "walkway."

News of the sidewalk also made an appearance on King 5.

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You loved him in “Mad About You” (and maybe hated him in “Aliens.”) Funny man Paul Reiser will be the main attraction on Friday, May 17, at Tacoma's Pantages Theater.

Recently, we caught up with the award-winning actor, comedian and writer to talk about his first trip to Tacoma, and his forthcoming cameo in HBO's Liberace… Read More

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