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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 This Week's Paper
Artists set to make another deck of Tacoma cards

Coming on the scene last year, the Tacoma Playing Cards are a handheld exhibition and souvenir featuring 14 local artists illustrating 54 locations, icons and Tacoma stories.

Through sales during the past year, enough funds have been earned to create a second deck. Dubbed “The Red Deck” by co-founders of Tacoma Makes Maija McKnight and Amy McBride, the new deck of Tacoma Playing Cards will feature new artists and all different Tacoma locations, icons and stories.

“We were thrilled at the positive response that the playing cards received last year” notes Maija McKnight… Read More

2012 Fire Fatality Report Now Available Online

State Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy announced today that the annual Fire Fatality Report for 2012 is now available on the web.

“Washington continued to see a decrease in fire related fatalities during the past two years, with a total of sixty three fatalities reported. This downward trend is a positive step in reducing these tragic losses within our communities,” says State Fire Marshal Duffy.

The data used for this report was received from fire and law enforcement agencies throughout Washington State… Read More

Seattle tunnel project creates local jobs

When the 1.8-mile SR 99 tunnel opens to traffic in 2015, it will rely on the strength of 1,450 precast concrete rings fabricated with pinpoint precision at a newly expanded plant in Pierce County.

Dozens of community and business leaders gathered May 15 at the FPS EnCon Precast plant in Frederickson to hail the collaboration that will create more than 130 jobs.

“Replacing Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel requires expertise and resources from around the world, and a key portion of that work is coming together in Frederickson,” said Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy.… Read More

On Thursday, May 16, 21 fire and police agencies will be conducting training exercises involving water rescues in the Puget Sound at Sunnyside Beach Park in Steilacoom.

The goal of the exercise is to evaluate both individual agency capabilities and their ability to effectively communicate and work together.

These exercises will focus on dive rescue and surface water rescue efforts and is being conducted for training purposes, as well as building interagency partnerships. Marine units will train using different vessels simultaneously during the water scenarios. There will also be… Read More

The awesomeness that is Casi Wilkerson will be less visible at Lakewood Playhouse now that she and announced she is leaving her post as its education director and Lakewood Institute of Theatre guru.

Taking her position is Jefri Peters.

Wilkerson announced in an email that she has decided to move on to new projects and family endeavors. Fear not, she still plans to direct "Pride and Prejudice"and continue to support Lakewood Playhouse and its missions.

"As difficult as 'change' can be, we are excited about our clever solution," the announcement stated. "The dynamic, outgoing… Read More

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