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Saturday, October 22, 2016 This Week's Paper
Man sentenced to 18 years for death of elderly man in his care

Superior Court Judge Michael Schwartz has sentenced Larry Lee, 51, to 220 months in prison for the death of Philip Carter, 59. The sentence is the high end of the standard range, as requested by deputy prosecutors Erika Nohavec and Bryce Nelson. Nohavec told the court that medical professionals called this “one of the worst cases of neglect they had seen.”

A jury found Lee guilty of second-degree murder on June 15, finding also that Carter was a particularly vulnerable victim.

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist noted that successful prosecutions of caregivers for neglect is rare, but… Read More

Pierce Transit to offer free services July 4

Pierce Transit local buses and SHUTTLES will operate on a Sunday Schedule on July 4.  

Pierce Transit routes that do not have Sunday service, including Route 13, will not operate on July 4. Rides on all Pierce Transit vehicles will be free all day on July 4, thanks to a sponsorship from the Tacoma Events Commission. For specific route information,  visit

In addition to its regular service Pierce Transit is providing free express bus service on July 4 for people… Read More

Firefighters train for wildfire season with drills at Point Defiance

Tacoma Fire Deparment Firefighters and medics are gearing up for the summer fire season by practicing wildfire firefighting skills at Point Defiance Park this week. Crews are working on the specialized hose handling, suppression techniques, and mop up that are unique to large grass, brush and tree fires.

They are also familiarizing themselves with the department’s new “Brush Truck” specifically designed for wildfire incidents. The 4x4 apparatus is equipped with a 400-gallon water tank, 10-gallon Class A foam tank, wildland hose and an 85 gallon-per-minute pump. The size and versatility… Read More

Fireworks caused 240 wildland fires in 2015

State Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy has announced that there were 240 fires caused by fireworks in 2015. Of those fires, 193 were wildland fires. That translated to 80 percent of all firework-related fires burned wildlands, resulting in $12,555 of loss and damages.

Summer weather conditions can make vegetation extremely dry and susceptible to fire. While discharging fireworks, a small fire can easily get out of control if the fuels (grass and other vegetation) are present. If a firework comes into contact with a vegetated area, use a hose or a bucket of water to heavily soak the… Read More

Commission to Recognize Contributions to the Arts with AMOCATs

Nominations for the 2016 AMOCAT Arts Awards are due by July 31, to the Tacoma Arts Commission. 

“Arts, culture, and creativity are essential keys to Tacoma’s distinctive identity. They enrich people’s lives, enhance communities, and have a significant economic impact on our city.  Nonprofit arts and culture is a $64.72 million industry in Tacoma – one that supports 1,735 full-time equivalent jobs and generate $6.58 million in local and state government revenue,” said Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland. “The AMOCAT Arts Awards recognize the people, organizations, and… Read More

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