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Thursday, May 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
Warm forecast prompts early opening of some spraygrounds

Metro Parks staff usually use the month of May to prepare spraygrounds for summer, with normal operation only on weekends.

This year, the parks maintenance team stepped up its testing in the hope of providing more service on hot days. Their work paid off in time for this week’s warm weather: Six of the district’s 10 spraygrounds will be open May 22 to 26.

·         Kandle Park (Note this is the small splashpad outside the pool. The pool and its adjacent water feature will open June 17.)
·        … Read More

Pierce County to transition to integrated physical and behavioral healthcare

No later than Jan. 1, 2020, Pierce County residents in the Medicaid system will receive both physical and behavioral care through a state mandated initiative called Integration 2020.  Through this whole-person approach, physical and behavioral healthcare will be delivered via one system through an integrated network of providers, offering better coordinated care for patients and more seamless access to the services they need.

The initiative is part of Healthier Washington and brings together the payment and delivery of physical and behavioral health services for people enrolled in… Read More

Learn about construction of Point Defiance Park roundabout

A traffic roundabout will soon replace the tangled intersection that now confounds drivers at the North Pearl Street entrance to Metro Parks Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park.

The roundabout’s design will make it easier and safer to drive to and from the park, the Point Defiance Marina boat launch and the Vashon Island ferry landing.

Construction could begin as early as July and will likely continue for about six months, depending on the weather. Temporary detours will keep traffic flowing.

Two community meetings will provide opportunities to find out about… Read More

State Supreme Court upholds death penalty in 1997 murder case

The Washington State Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty for Cecil Emile Davis, 57. Davis was found guilty of aggravated murder in Pierce County Superior Court and sentenced to death for the murder of Yoshiko Couch.
Davis raped, robbed, and killed Couch in her home in 1997 and was sentenced to death. His first death sentence was set aside for error in 2004. In 2007 the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office successfully sought the death penalty again and that sentence was affirmed by the Washington State Supreme Court on direct appeal.  Today’s decision pertains to a second… Read More

NWSA year-to-date container volumes grow 8 percent

For the month of April, total container volumes remained steady as the new ocean carrier alliance deployments took effect, resulting in 0.5 percent growth over the same month last year. Year-to-date volumes were up 8 percent.

April international container volumes performed well. At 110,821 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units), full imports grew 6 percent compared to April 2016, as retailers continued to rebuild inventory levels and a favorable market outlook fueled import demand. Full exports were up 1 percent to 77,558 TEUs. Empty exports grew 81.5 percent as ocean carriers began repositioning… Read More

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