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Friday, September 04, 2015 This Week's Paper
Lincoln student set to enter UW this fall

Laryce Toleafoa, a senior at Lincoln High School, is having a good day. She learned this morning in a ceremony at school that the University of Washington Tacoma has accepted her application for admission starting in September. Laryce, overjoyed by the news, said she will be the first one in her family to go to college.

What helped make today possible for Laryce and more than 100 other graduating seniors of our high schools was a new partnership between Tacoma Public Schools and UWT called "Pathway to Promise."

The partnership aims to dramatically increase the number of students from Tacoma Public Schools who get accepted at the University of Washington Tacoma.

Last year, before the program started, the UWT accepted 61 Tacoma Public Schools' students. Already this year, 101 Tacoma students have been accepted to UWT with more expected. The district and university modeled the local partnership to create a college-bound culture after a similar effort between Miami-Dade School District and Florida International University.

As part of the partnership, the UWT admissions advisers hosted workshops for Tacoma students and their families to walk them through the application process. Many students did not know how to navigate the college admissions process.

Ceremonies like this one at Lincoln have occurred at all Tacoma high schools this week. At Lincoln, UWT Chancellor Debra Friedman and Tacoma schools Deputy Superintendent Josh Garcia presented 15 students with their acceptance letters and certificates. Numbers of students accepted from other high schools:
Mount Tahoma, 34
Wilson, 23
Stadium, 18
Foss, 8
School of the Arts, 2
Oakland, 1 — at Lincoln High School.

Mayan tiger cub remains in guarded condition from unknown illness

An endangered Malayan tiger cub remains in guarded condition at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium today as a team of veterinarians works to uncover the cause of his sudden illness.

Veterinarians continue extensive diagnostic testing in their ongoing effort to pin down what caused 6‐month‐old Berani to fall ill Monday afternoon, zoo general curator Karen Goodrowe Beck said.

Berani remains sedated as the veterinary team, led by head veterinarian Dr. Karen Wolf, works to keep him comfortable, treat him for breathing difficulties and regulate his temperature. Members of the zoological staff, who care for the zoo’s five tigers, also are keeping round‐the‐clock watch over the cub, Goodrowe Beck said.

“We continue to be very concerned,” she added. “We are doing everything possible to care for Berani, who is very precious to us. He is an ambassador for an endangered species that is vanishing from the wild at an alarming rate.”

Berani underwent emergency surgery Monday night to determine whether he had an intestinal blockage. No obstruction was uncovered, and the veterinary team now is investigating the possibility of an infectious process, Goodrowe Beck said.

Berani’s “foster brother,” 6‐month‐old Sumatran tiger Dumai, is healthy and shows no sign of illness. The two cubs are being raised together.

“We very much appreciate the community’s support and compassion, not only for Berani, but also for our staff,” Goodrowe Beck said.

The Tacoma Farmers Market is holding an art contest to gain local, creative art for our 2013 market media.

The winning artwork will be chosen by the Tacoma Farmers Market for the 2013 poster and all other promotional material, thus the market will hold all reproduction rights.

The winning designer will receive $250 in market money (tokens) and credit for the design.

Rules of Contest:
• Art work is encouraged in any two-dimensional media not to exceed 11 x 17 inches.
• Art work must represent the atmosphere of the Tacoma Farmer’s Market or a farm-to-table theme.
• Art work will be handled with the utmost care and submission of work will automatically waive any claim.
• for damage, loss or liability against the Tacoma Farmers Market. Insurance is the artist’s individual responsibility.
• Initial submissions must be made in the form of a photograph and mailed or hand-delivered (prearrangements must to be made for this option) no later than March 15, to Tacoma Farmers Market (main office), Urban Grace Church, 902 Market St, suite 202, Tacoma, WA, 98402.

Since 1972, drummer Alan White has been best known for keeping the beat for British prog-rock titans, Yes. He'll be with his main band on Sunday, March 3, at Seattle's Moore Theatre as the group performs not one, not two, but three of its most critically acclaimed albums, “The Yes Album,” “Close to the Edge” and “Going for the One."

We'll have a related story in this week's print edition. Until that hits the streets, you can listen to this outtake from our interview with White, a longtime resident of east King County. He's played with a ton of classic rock acts, and we asked him about some of his favorite non-Yes recordings which jarred memories of historic sessions with John Lennon, George Harrison and Joe Cocker.

Tacoma City Council passed a plan last night to make the selling of fortified wines and high-alcohol malt liquors in the city’s North and West Ends in an effort to stem the rise of street drunkenness, petty crimes and littering of the tall cans and pocket-sized bottles the boozers leave behind.

The first step in the effort is to politely ask the 37 convenience stores and grocery outlets that sell the dozens of brands, commonly with the High Gravity, Steel, Ice names, to stop stocking them on their shelves. If the request doesn’t solve the issue, the effort steps up from there until the ban in made mandatory.

The council voted 8-1 on the plan with Council member Joe Lonergan in opposition because he said the idea would only push street drunks into his district in South Tacoma.

This AIA spans about a third of the city, from Cedar and Alder streets and Commencement Bay to The Narrows on the west; and from 19th and Center streets to Point Defiance. The city has two other AIAs that cover downtown and the Lincoln district, making cheap booze more difficult to find around the City of Destiny.

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