Arts & Entertainment: 253-style’ Photo Contest Results

  • 104 My submission for the 253-Style is a photo of our home, welcoming my husband back from his deployment. To me this is 253 - honoring and celebrating our military. (Photo By Brittney Hamilton)

  • 109 Tacoma Narrows Bridges! these bridges have so much history and are famous all over the US ( well one of them is ). But they are Tacoma's Bridges and when you drive over them, the scenery is never the same, never boring and are enjoyed by everyone! They ARE the 253! (Photo By Laurie Wells )

  • 114 New Tacoma resident Ly Nguyen in the heart of Tacoma’s iconic art sculpture “Water Forest” at the Museum of Glass. After 7 years disrepair, the repaired Water Forest readily demonstrates that the sculpture was well worth the time and effort of restoring. (Photo By Erik Bjornson )

  • 116 My photo represents a rustic yet artistic view of 253. We get down and look good doing it. (Photo By Mike White )

  • 122 This photo embodies the 253 style. We love our music, especially of the local variety, but we won’t play it like those 206 folks. No sir, we need to be on the floor with the dirt, pouring everything we have into it. (By Matthew Staerk )

  • 117 Old time Architecture and even older mountain. (Photo By Mike White )

The votes have been tallied for our photo contest of the images that best represent the "253 style."

Below are the images of the top five vote getters. There are six images total because one photographer placed in the top five with two images, but he only gets one award. Each winner will receive two tickets to Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2012coming to the KeyArena on Sunday, Sept. 23.


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