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Night of the Keys

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Drop by Louie G's Pizza in Fife this weekend to see some of the region's heaviest hitters on keyboard. The 11th session of A Night of Keys will kick off there at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 6, featuring headliner Brooke Lizotte, Doug Skoog, organizer Raymond Hayden and more.
The showcase started at the Mandolin Cafe in 2011. “It's a really simple concept,” Hayden said. “All the time you see guitar players getting together, but you hardly ever see keyboard players doing shows together. What I wanted to put together was something that was actually different. This isn't just six guys who have been playing for a couple of years. I wanted to get six keyboard players who are well-known around the area; not only for their bands, but well-known for being different.”
In addition to his solo work, Hayden is known for playing keys with local power-pop act Strangely Alright and with his girlfriend, country singer Jessica Lynne. The other players represent a wide swath of styles, from Skoog who will be fresh off his appearance at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis where he has competed this week, to Mark Bittler, known for wowing fans of local funk n' soul band Bump Kitchen, with solos on what he calls his “bump stick.” (You might know it as a keytar.)
Each performer will play a short set during which they'll invite select guests to the stage. Saturday's schedule is as follows: Raymond Hayden with guest vocalist Savannah Taylor (7 p.m.); Anthony Ciarochi with guest vocalist Izzy Parker (7:30 p.m.); Lee Gregory with guest guitarists Troy Moss and Kent Beatty (8 p.m.); Mark Bittler with Bump Kitchen guitarist David Broyles (8:30 p.m.); Doug Skoog with singer-guitarist Brian Feist, of Blues Redemption (9 p.m.); and Brooke Lizotte with John Saint Claire on vocals and violin.
The show is open to all ages, and admission is $10 at the door. Louie G's Pizza is located at, 5219 Pacific Hwy. E., in Fife. For further details, call (253) 926-9700 or visit

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