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We ❤ Miley

// Think you’re a true Miley Cyrus fan? Take our quiz and find out!

Before Miley Cyrus, dancing around in teddy bear costumes was strictly for theme park employees and “furries.” Foam fingers were just boring accessories for drunk football fans. And Matt Lauer never, ever got to talk about twerking.

Shelloooo, people! It's Valentine's Day, and how can you not love this gal? Cut it out with all the “she's a bad role model” and “what's up with her tongue?” nonsense, haters. Her stop at the Tacoma Dome on Sunday is cause for celebration; and we thought we'd help you measure how much you appreciate the most inescapable pop star of 2013 with this quiz.

Answers can be found on our Daily Mashup blog,

1. Miley legally changed her name in 2008. She was actually born …

A) Rachel Louise Cyrus

B) Mary Elizabeth Cyrus

C) Tomoko Luisa Cyrus

D) Destiny Hope Cyrus

2. Her famous godmother is ________.

A) … Congressional Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

B) … country legend Dolly Parton

C) … British novelist J.K. Rowling

D) … popular actress Nicole Kidman

3. Today she's known for chronic twerking. A few short years ago, most people knew her for this wholesome Disney character.

A) Simply Carley

B) Dora the Explorer

C) Hannah Montana

D) Tila Tequila

4. In 1992, the year she was born, her daddy scored a huge hit with _______.

A) “I Like It I Love It”

B) “Achy Breaky Heart” 

C) “Friends In Low Places”

D) “Gone Country”

5. On “The View,” the pop star said she sticks out her tongue so much because …

A) … she has O.C.D. If she doesn't do it 20 times a day she'll die.

B) … Gene Simmons once sued her unauthorized KISS tribute band. It's her way of getting under Gene's skin now that she's richer than him.

C) … gluten allergies make it swell up. Sticking it out keeps her from suffocating.

D) … it's a defense mechanism. She's really self-conscious about being photographed all the time.

6. Which of these songs is not from her 2008 debut, “Breakout”?

A) “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

B) “Party in the U.S.A.”

C) “Wake Up, America”

D) “Fly on the Wall”

7. _______ is a series of YouTube clips co-starring her homie Mandy Jiroux.

A) “The Miley and Mandy Show”

B) “Miley and Mandy's Twerk-a-thon”

C) “Hannah Montana and Friends”

D) “Miley and Mandy Party in the USA”

8. Finish the lyric. “I hopped off the plane at L.A.X./with a dream and my ___”

9. Who does that hilarious impression of the singer on “Saturday Night Live”…?

A) Nasim Pedrad

B) Cheri Oteri

C) Vanessa Bayer

D) Bobby Moynihan

10. In 2012, she co-starred in the movie ______ with Demi Moore.

A) “G.I. Jane”

B) “Margin Call”

C) “12 Years a Slave”

D) “LOL”

11. Miley posed topless for a racy photo shoot that appears in the March 2014 issue of what magazine?

A) W

B) Vogue

C) Vanity Fair

D) Playboy

12. During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Cyrus said Justin Bieber should …

A) … quit biting her style. People can't tell them apart any more.

B) … make sure he has enough bribe money next time he goes drunk drag racing.

C) … return that bong he stole from her beach house in Kailua last spring.

D) … pay people to keep him out of trouble and party at home.

12. Finish the lyric: “Don't you ever say _____, I will always want you.”

13. _______ were among the other artists that performed on last year's “MTV Video Music Awards,” a show that's mostly remembered for Miley grinding on that dude in the Beatlejuice suit.

A) Hall and Oates

B) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

C) Rodrigo y Gabriela

D) Huh, other people appeared on that?

14. Which lyrical cliché does not appear in her hit single “We Can’t Stop”…?

A) “Do the ladies run this mother lover?”

B) “Hands in the air like we don’t care”

C) “This is our house”

D) “Forget the haters”

15. Who is this Molly person she mentions in the song?

A) Miley’s twin sister.

B) Miley’s childhood role model, Molly Ringwald.

C) That sassy character Melissa McCarthy plays on “Mike & Molly.”

D) Dude, I'm not answering that. My mom is watching me take this quiz. 

16. ______ elapse before Miley appears to be butt naked in the “Wrecking Ball” video.

A) Duh! A minute, 13 seconds. Doesn't everybody skip right to that part?

B) Ha! I see through your trick question. She's probably naked during the teary close up at the beginning.

C) I don't know. I just hope she sanitized that sledgehammer before she licked it.

D) Look again, bozo. She is never naked in that video.