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Three Ravens at Two Ravens

// Master storyteller Rebecca Hom to perform as part of Arts Crush

Throughout the month of October, Puget Sound-based arts organizations and groups are putting on events that seek to unite the community through artistic experiences as a part of Arts Crush.

Here in Tacoma there is no lack of events, and this weekend Two Ravens Studio is bringing a unique performance event to its newer arts foundry, owned by co-founders Michael Haney, Ed Kroupa and Katrina Toft. The studio produces sculptures for artists working in stone, wood and clay and a variety of other mediums. The owner/artists also create original works of art for public display and private residences, as well as custom architectural fixtures.

Two Ravens Studio has been around for about two years now, but before May the artists were working out of a garage instead of their Commerce Street studio space.

“Three Ravens at Two Ravens” will feature Olympia artist Rebecca Hom as she brings her storytelling abilities to a local audience.

According to Toft, the collaboration seemed to fit the bill for their studio. “Rebecca needed a place to do performance, and she liked the name (of the studio) because she has stories about ravens. She likes them because he’s teaching stories, and raven does the stuff we wouldn’t do. But through his actions he regrets what he’s done, and then is used as a teaching tool. He’s always been a trickster of Native American mythology,” Toft said.

There will be three stories read during the Arts Crush event, and Toft affirms there will be lots of pantomime, different voices and other elements that will help bring Hom’s stories to life. “Children will enjoy them, but it’s not geared for children like stories you’d hear at a children’s library. They are traditional, like those told around a fire to a tribe. Rebecca will also be selling CDs and DVDs of her telling stories, and she has won many awards for them,” Toft said.

There will be light refreshments for those attending the event, but no tours of the studio will be happening as the event is focusing on Hom and her performance. Two Ravens will be opening its doors for studio tours as part of Art At Work Month in November to get to know the community and discuss the projects they have been working on.

“Three Ravens at Two Ravens” will take place Oct. 23 at Two Ravens Studio, located at 2502 Commerce St. Admission is free. For more information about the event or the studio, call (253) 327-1730 or check out the Arts Crush website at

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