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The Prophets of Addiction headline grand opening of the new Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse

The Prophets of Addiction are all set to headline the grand opening of a new restaurant and live music venue in Tacoma, The Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse at 9825 Pacific Ave. The doors of the lodge officially open on Saturday, Dec. 7 and the music starts at 7 p.m. Joining The Prophets will be special guests Ravages of Time (R.O.T), Sin Circus and Letzter Geist – all ages until 11 p.m. This promises to be a killer show, with the Prophets’ cranking out the sleazy glam punk, R.O.T. and Sin Circus playing their full-on metal and Letzter Geist spreading their wicked post-apocalyptic grunge pop.

From the buzz that’s going around, The Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse is going to liven up the local music scene and offer some great food as well. According to its Facebook page, the lodge is a “brand new rockin’ restaurant, home of the 32 oz. steak! A place to meet and greet and eat! Sing karaoke, sports, live music, museum of fun!" Live music will play several nights a week and always on weekends and will include national acts. On Dec. 26, Gilby Clarke of Guns N’ Roses will be giving a show along with The Prophets of Addiction. The lodge is all ages and there will be a full bar for those 21 and older.

Having just added McKenna Gates as The Prophets’ new guitarist, and guitarist Timmy Diedrich joining up about a year ago, The Prophets are really clicking together and sounding tighter and better than ever. It doesn’t hurt, either, that all the band members now live in the area. When band members don’t live closely to each other, it makes getting together for rehearsals and gigs tough.

“The bottom line is we just couldn’t rehearse enough with someone in Hollywood,” said drummer Jimmy Mess. “It’s good now to have people close.”

Band founder/lead singer/bassist Lesli Sanders agreed. “Now everyone’s based out of here. We needed to do that.”

Plans for a USA tour are in the works as well as a return trip to Europe.

The band has been staying busy with live shows and gathering endorsements (Gibson Guitars and Orange Amps) while also allowing time for Gates to get solid with the vibe of the band. And with new blood among them, the band mates’ thoughts are turning toward producing a follow-up CD to The Prophets’ outstanding 2010 debut album “Babylon Boulevard.”

“It’s not a good idea to start working on new stuff right away with a new member until they get accustomed to the sound and the feel of the band,” Sanders explained.

“It’s going to be coming soon,” added Mess about the CD. “That’s one of our priorities after we get (Gates) all dialed in, to start working on some new stuff.”

In the meantime, Sanders has been in the studio working on his first-ever solo project. Titled “The Haunting Truth of My Self Portrait,” he’s predicting an early 2014 release on Incorruption Records. This album will sound unlike anything Sanders – who is among the godfathers of the 80’s LA-based glam punk scene – has done before, as working alone is offering him the chance to create whatever he wants and explore new territory in his music.

Sanders wrote about his project on his Facebook page: “Even though I have been the predominant writer in all of my past bands, this will give me the chance to get some other ideas out musically and stylistically. This will be a trip away from what I have normally done and there will not be any continuity in styles. Being that it is not a so-called band situation, I can be all over the place as far as the direction of the music. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and am really enjoying the challenges and the experimentation this allows me to divulge into.”

So far he has offered one song to tantalize fans’ musical taste buds – “Self Portrait,” a song The Prophets of Addiction have performed live and also included on their “Babylon Boulevard” CD. But Sanders gives it a re-working that really brings out the song’s soul. Musically, the tune is dark and moody but not overly so, as there is solid advice in this song about living life. With synthesized bass and drums, acoustic guitars and overlays providing depth and texture, Sanders sings of the struggles in life – addictions, heartbreak or anything of the like – and an admonition to not let these things extinguish your life. As Sanders says in the song, if that’s the path you’re on now, stop living like a zombie and get it together or you might as well be dead. “You gotta love yourself before you can love anybody else.” Give it a listen at

With Sanders performing the song solo, it takes on a whole new and personal meaning as if he were talking about himself, which he is.

“A lot of the songs are coming from a dark place in my life – honest songs. It’s real, not just a story.

“In the name of art and keeping it real, I will pour my guts out to whoever listens to the stories I put to music,” he says, and he means it.

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