Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

The Doctor is calling you

“Doctor Who” will celebrate its 50th anniversary of adventures through time and space Nov. 23 with “The Day of the Doctor” on BBC America – and at 3-D theater events and a festival at Seattle's EMP. It will be an intergalactic mash-up of Daleks, Companions, the Tardis, fezzes, Weeping Angels and Sonic Screwdrivers, plus the impossible appearance of three doctors at the same time. And Everybody Lives.

If you understood any of the above paragraph, you're a Whovian and we have a treat for you.

Tacoma Weekly's owl-eyed journalists spotted the Tardis at Metro Parks Tacoma's Ferry Park. It's disguised as an informational kiosk, and it's black instead of police box-blue. But it got us digging into the history of the park, Tacoma's first, donated by Col. Clinton P. Ferry. Ferry and his too-lovely wife, Evelyn, also donated Tacoma's first international love scandal. On top of that, their story has been passed down incorrectly, starring a mysterious woman named Cynthia.

It's all a mystery, a ripping tale begging for the space-time intrusions of The Doctor.

So we combined that historic tale with a pop-culture story, and we are inviting you to help us tell it.

We will be photographing the story at Bellarmine Preparatory School, 2300 S. Washington, on Saturday, Nov. 16, beginning at 10 p.m. We hope to be done by noon.

More than that, we hope you will join us dressed as your favorite “Doctor Who” character. You'll also be welcome if you would prefer to dress in the style of the 1880s.

If you bring any “Doctor Who” gear – a personal Tardis in any form, a gas mask, a Dalek, Christopher Eccleston – we will give you an extra serving of fish fingers and custard at the wrap party after the shoot at the Knights of Pythias Temple. (If you can bring any of those items, please let Kathleen Merryman know in advance at

If it looks like rain, please being an umbrella. If it looks like a volcano might erupt, please leave the area.


Saturday, Nov. 16, 10 a.m., Bellarmine Prep., 2300 S. Washington St.

As The Eleventh Doctor might say: “Newspapers are cool.”

Yes. Newspapers are cool.