Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Make a Scene: Think you know boy bands? Take our quiz and find out!

New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men will take over Tacoma Dome on July 9. But before all you former screaming teenagers turned soccer moms go and “party like it’s 1999,” we want to see if you are worthy of all this aging boy band greatness. Answer these questions, and then check our Daily Mashup blog at for the answers.  

1. NKOTB (or New Kids on the Block or whatever they are called) released a comeback album in 2008 called ___________________.

2. Which of these dudes is actually a member of NKOTB?

A) Mark Wahlberg

B) Lance Bass

C) AJ McLean

D) The Rza

E) Jonathan Knight

3. 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey is associated with what Northwest sports franchise?

4. Finish the Boyz II Men lyric: “I’ll take with me the memories to be my ...”

A) “... comfort in old age.”

B) “... sunshine after the rain.”

C) “... reminder of your love.”

D) “... motivation for revenge.” 

E) “... reminder of what we had.”

5. NKOTB hails from what East Coast city? 

A) Boston

B) New York

C) Charlotte

D) Orlando

E) Halifax, Nova Scotia

6. The 98 Degrees track “True to Your Heart” is a collaboration with what Motown legend?

A) Marvin Gaye

B) Aretha Franklin 

C) Smokey Robinson

D) Diana Ross

E) Stevie Wonder

7. Which ‘80s pop star managed Boyz II Men?

A) Teddy Riley

B) Michael Bivins

C) Michael Jackson

D) Tevin Campbell

E) Sheila E

8. Finish the NKOTB lyrics: “First time was a great time, second time was a blast, third time ________________”

A) “... I was really hooked”

B) “... I was really sprung”

C) “... I snapped out of it”

D) “... you really broke my heart”

E) “... I fell in love.” 

9. Alex Vanderpool is the alias for which boy band member? 

A) Donnie Wahlberg

B) Nathan Morris

C) Danny Wood

D) Drew Lachey

E) Shawn Stockman

10. Which of the following tracks was on NKOTB’s self-titled debut album? 

“You Got It (The Right Stuff)” 

“Hangin’ Tough”


“Sexify My Love”

“Raining Blood”

11. _____________wrote many of NKOTB’s biggest hits.

A) Linda Perry

B) Steven Tyler

C) Lou Pearlman

D) Trent Reznor

E) Maurice Starr

12. Finish the 98 Degrees lyrics: “You can hardly wait to tell all your friends _________________”

A) “... that you cheated on me”

B) “... how we made sweet, sweet love”

C) “... how you busted a move”

D) “... about my sexy abs”

E) “... how his kisses taste sweet like wine” 

13. Donnie Wahlberg was arrested in 1991 for __________________

A) “... setting a fire in a Kentucky hotel.”

B) “... buying cocaine with Flavor Flav.”

C) “... punching Emmanuel Lewis during a poker tournament.”

D) “... streaking at Fenway Park.”

E) “... stalking MTV’s Downtown Julie Brown.” 

14. Which of these is a Weird Al Yankovic parody of a New Kids on the Block song?

A) “Baby, I Believe in Food”

B) “Clove Girl”

C) “The White Stuff”

D) “You Got It (The Rice Puffs)”

E) “Miss You S’mores”