Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

TCC students experience creative growth

Tacoma Community College students display their talents in a number of art forms, including drawing, sculpture and photography, in “Experience Growth.” This year’s student art exhibition is now in the gallery on campus. It features works by students Marit Berg, Kyle Dillehay, Melinda Cox, Anthony Culanag, Reid Ozaki and Rick Mahaffey.

Kristine Kordell examines the American military presence in Iraq with “My Art Of War,” a mixed media sculpture. It includes an Iraqi passport, a photograph of an American soldier, a drawing of an angel and photos of road signs showing the distance to Baghdad and Tikrit, the hometown of the late dictator Saddam Hussein.

Several other students have mixed-media pieces. Gladys Camilo offers a self-portrait. It has small photos and two ceramic white hands holding a candle.

In “My Prison, My Home,” Matthew Scott has a birdcage with a skeleton, a painting and a lamp inside.

A wall has drawings of mostly black ink on white paper. A few works stand out with their use of color, such as “Elephant” by Fiona Collier. The motif suggests a strong influence from India.

Bryan Kelly recognizes a local sports star, Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, in “Beast Mode.” It depicts the running back in action.

An untitled piece by Drew Wilson shows a longhaired surfer on the beach.

Rhiannon Brunett uses five photographs in “Always Speak the Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes.” It shows a young woman with these words written across her body.

She shows her skill in the medium of acrylic paint with “In the Same of the New World.” It depicts a woman with an umbrella and barbed wire tattoos, along with three ravens and a black cat.

Michelle Nelson offers an interesting view of a snake on “Scales of Monroe,” which is a montage of seven photos.

Julian Pena recalled his childhood in Japan, when he would accompany his mother to the bathhouse, in the acrylic painting “Yoko’s Last Day at the Bathhouse.”

Victoria Quaintanle examines the recent American protest movement in “Corporations Are People.” The linoleum print depicts police officers pepper spraying sitting protestors.

Andy Baughman used cast aluminum to create “Decay.” This is nine pieces. Three each are dedicated to a piece of fruit – banana, apple and pear – in states of decay.

Eight artists took part in “Bumper Sticker Designs.” Each designed a version of a sticker. The most interesting is by Katherine Cassidy, who spells out Tacoma in the shape of Tacoma Dome.

One section is for ceramics. Dave R. Davison has two interesting raku-fired pieces. “Pump” and “Grinder” both make the viewer stop to ponder their meaning.

Irina Litvinyuk uses a lattice design on “Green Vase,” a dark green porcelain piece.

The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. “Experience Growth” runs through June 15.