Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Sevens Revenge celebrates a rebirth and new CD

// Release party set for Nov. 30 at Jazzbones

Tacoma’s own Sevens Revenge has released their first full-length CD, “Distortion of Reality,” and it represents quite a change for the band in more ways than one. Whereas Sevens Revenge used to be an acoustic duo consisting of frontwoman Dusti Seven and guitarist/vocalist Kristen Cadenhead, three more players have been added and the sound has gone electric, which really was necessary for the band to reach its full potential and do justice to the above-average song writing. The band is excited to sign a new recording contract as well with Tin Star Records, which they will do at their CD release party Nov. 30 at Jazzbones.
To fill out the band, new members include lead guitarist Scott Malone, bassist Cooper Stanley and drummer Ryan Fairchild. All seasoned musicians, each one brings major skills and experience to Sevens Revenge. Their playing on “Distortion of Reality” showcases their musical artistry beautifully, with Cadenhead’s rhythm guitar providing a roughened edge and Seven’s killer, powerhouse voice as the icing on the cake.
“Distortion of Reality” is very different from the band’s debut offering in 2011, the acoustic EP “Edged in Ashes.” Now with Malone’s fluid and emotionally vivid guitar solos, Stanley’s bass sound crafted upon numerous genres of music and Fairchild’s drums punctuating the music and giving it a professional polish, Sevens Revenge stands as a band to watch out for now that they’ve gotten their debut CD out for all to hear.
“It’s our first album together and a prefect representation of where we’re going,” Seven said. “There’s a lot of variety on it and lets us go in a lot of directions.” Always present, though, is the band’s seething and smoldering trademark sound and attitude. It’s not a gloomy vibe, nor a trip through woe-is-me self-indulgence. Rather, Sevens Revenge puts forth a tougher stance instead of being downtrodden by life experiences or just being pissed off.
Imagery of blue flames appears not only in the artwork on the CD cover and the disk itself, but also among the songs such as on “Shades of Blue,” a thoughtful and introspective tune about anger in the face of loss.

“I wrote those lyrics about a year ago at a campfire,” Seven explained. “Everyone had gone off and I was looking just a above the flames.” “Shades of Blue” is melodious, honest and includes tasty Malone guitar solos.
Malone wrote “Tear Your Heart Out,” which Seven said is a favorite among the band mates. It’s brooding and with ample swagger, one of the harder rock tracks on “Distortion of Reality.” The song works well to showcase Fairchild’s drums and Malone’s freestyle guitar work, while Cadenhead’s rhythm guitar gives this track a grinding texture and urgency. On these tracks and all the band’s music for that matter, having a woman on lead vocals gives Sevens Revenge its hook and appeal. Dusti Seven’s voice possesses just enough vulnerability to make it real and just enough fierceness to make listeners sit up and take notice.
At their CD release party coming up Nov. 30, Sevens Revenge will sign with Tin Star Records. Label representatives Roy Pack and Danielle Egnew will be on location for this event along with the band’s sister label Maurice the Fish Records. Special guest The Juliettes open at 8 p.m., and you won’t want to miss this awesome all-female foursome and their wicked and shart sense of humor with songs like “Jagerbombed” and “Hooray You’re Gay.” Tickets are $5 advance and $7 at the door. Go to and preview the cool sounds of Sevens Revenge.