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Sarah Brightman proves she is the real dreamcatcher

// DREAMCATCHER: Sarah Brightman’s exquisite performance at The Paramount on Saturday night was a feast for the ears and eyes.

An angel stood upon the stage of the Paramount Theatre on Saturday night, and her name is Sarah Brightman.

Bringing her “Dreamcatcher” tour to Seattle on Oct. 26, the stunningly beautiful siren of operas and stages around the globe lavished her fans generously on a feast of visual and listening pleasures. A sense of joy and serenity cascaded across the audience from where Brightman stood onstage, as song after song she induced a blissful, dream-like state that lasted from the moment the show opened.

As the concert began, her fans erupted in adoring noise when the house went black and the curtain lifted to reveal Brightman standing regally on a raised platform, her long, wavy hair cascading down her back and shoulders and highlighted by a jeweled tiara atop her head. In a flowing gown she looked as beautiful as the voice that was about to come from her as she sang a new song, “Angel,” from her “Dreamchaser” CD. Behind her on a monstrous projection screen, blue flames danced to the music as if one with her voice, adding a wondrous, psychedelic experience. As the concert progressed, the audience would be treated to many more visions of outer space, starry galaxies, our big, blue planet Earth, blazing sunsets, flashing lightning bolts and more visual treats that so perfectly matched Brightman’s message of life’s sensuous delights and spiritual riches that are all around us to receive if we open our minds and hearts.

Favorites of the evening included the ultra-romantic “La Luna,” which she sang as a magnified moon floated on the screen behind her. Her take on “Ave Maria” was breathtaking. Wearing a long, white couture gown and a crown of glass spires, dazzling white light enveloped her and radiated outward like that from a star in the heavenly skies.

Perhaps the most crowd-pleasing moment of the evening was her performance of “The Phantom of the Opera” from the Broadway smash hit in which she originated the role of Christine Daaé and won the hearts of countless new fans. Joining Brightman to sing as the Phantom was special guest tenor Erkan Aki, who nailed it with his magnificently powerful vocal delivery as he also did with Brightman for “Canto Della Terra.”

Throughout the night Brightman reached the highest of high notes flawlessly, as in “Nessun Dorma,” “Phantom” and so many others. Presenting more than 20 songs before she had to say goodbye, Brightman showed that she is every bit a woman and every bit pure love when she’s on that stage, a consummate performer unmatched in her ability to cast a spell of awe and wonder through song. See more photos of Brightman at

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