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Not one but two basses give E. Pruitt Band a unique sound

E. Pruitt Band is an instrumental, funk/R&B band with a unique sound. The band, which is based in Sumner, consists of E. Pruitt on bass, John Anthony on bass, Jacob Nordgren on guitar, Ivan Payne on drums and Reshard Radford on keyboards.

They all got together last year to play an event called Bass Odyssey. Shortly after that Pruitt got offers for the band to play Taste of Tacoma and Bite of Seattle and what was a project turned into a full band.

Pruitt moved to this area six years ago. He played in a few top 40 cover bands. He met Payne through a friend who plays bass. He met Radford, who used to be in jazz musician Darren Motamedy's group, from hitting shows in local clubs. Anthony and Payne played in a band together.

The group plays a few cover tunes. One is "Feels So Good." Jazz musician Chuck Mangione wrote the song, which was a hit in 1977. Their focus is on original material.

"Every practice we add to the set list," Pruitt said.

Anthony said on the songs one of the bass players focused on a funk line while the other plays a lead bass line. This provides a rare and unique opportunity.

"It is a chance for us to explore," he remarked. "I am learning at the same time I am playing.
"It gives me a lot of freedom," Nordgren said. "I have a lot of room to add some flavor. It works really well." He said if Pruitt is playing a lead bass line he changes the phrasing of his guitar playing "so as not to clash with what he is doing."

Pruitt has written the majority of their material. Nordgren and Radford recently wrote a song together.

"Everyone has input in practice," Pruitt said. "Everybody in this band has their voice."

"It is like a good home-cooked meal," Payne said.

"Everyone just finds their place and it fits," Nordgren said.

They have played a few shows at the Stonegate and the Swiss. They have been in discussions with agents and managers about lining up more shows. "We have the type of energy that makes people want to get up and move," Pruitt said of their performances. "If you see us, you will want to see us again."

They recently began recording an album. Pruitt is optimistic about the album. "What we do is melodic and groove oriented," he said. "That sells records."

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