Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

New Frontier to host premiere of ‘cheese fest’ thriller

Tacoma-based Greater Wealth Productions is set to host a soft premiere of its full-length thriller "Unsound" at the New Frontier Feb. 16 with musical guests Smoking Bill and Sleepy Pilot.

The movie follows the plot line that the military has been working on sleeper cell soldiers for decades, and the experiment suddenly goes wrong when a super soldier goes mad. The top brass call up the other sleepers to track the renegade down, but when anyone could be a sleeper, their activation causes troubles for a group of teens in a trailer park. Imagine if "the Manchurian Candidate" had a white-trash love child with "Rambo" and "Halloween's" Michael Myers.

"Unsound" stars Francois Collier, Kevin Ogden, Gw (a Native American name pronounced Goo-wah) Welsh and Autumn Jacobs.

Alongside a screening of the self-described thriller cheese fest and live music, the event will offer film swag, raffle prizes and signup sheets for future casting calls. The event will be the first time audiences have seen the two-hour movie that is still in the post-production stage and set for a formal premiere of the polished work in May.

Greater Wealth is a multi-faceted entertainment collective that manages movies, websites, comics, films and other media projects. Its next film "Fractured: Langley" is set to begin shooting this spring. The release of lower-budget "Unsound" now is meant to create some local buzz for that film.

"(Unsound) was more of a labor of love," filmmaker Welsh said, noting that its budget was only about $10,000, while "Fractured" is on target to cost about $1 million to produce. A sequel to "Fractured" is already in the works as well, which is all part of Welsh's 10-year plan.

"We have some really cool things lined up," he said. "I am pretty excited about it."

With the first step done with the filming and screening of "Unsound," the focus now shifts to "Fractured," which is a story of an adaptation of a comic book about a highly trained soldier who cannot seem to turn off the killer instinct that the military engrained into him.

While the details of shooting schedules and full cast lists are being worked out, principal actors are said to include Bill Moseley, the veteran cult film actor who is likely best known for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2," when he played the role of Chop Top, a demented man with a habit of scratching the scabs around a metal plate in his head with a heated clothes hanger only to eat the dead skin he scraped off.

The "Unsound" screening event will start at 9 p.m. Tickets are $3. The New Frontier Lounge is located at 301 E. 25th St. down the street from Tacoma Dome.