Monday, July 24, 2017 This Week's Paper

Arts & Entertainment: New diner set to shake things up in Stadium District

Something tasty this way comes. For the last four months, brothers Steve and Gordon Naccarato (of Pacific Grill fame) and partner Robert Stocker have been assembling Shake Shake Shake, a retro-style diner that is headed to Stadium District. Earlier this month, participants in the Stadium Art & Wine Walk got their first peek at the new joint, which is slated for an early November opening at 124 N. Tacoma Ave., a stone’s throw from Stadium High School. Between pours, we got Steve Naccarato to give us the skinny on what to expect.

TW: Kind of break down your concept. Obviously, you have a vintage thing going.

SN: Yeah, we wanted to do a modern take on a ‘40s vintage diner - not ‘50s. We don’t want it to be a theme park. It’s not Johnny Rockets. It’s a fun, contemporary setting, paying respects to that old cafe that used to be the community gathering spot. Our goal is to serve the best hamburger, fries, shakes in Tacoma, and we take it really seriously. It’s not gonna be just a hamburger thrown out there. We have spent years developing this idea. So, hopefully we’re a month away from letting the public have a taste. I mean, you tasted it.

TW: Yeah, what was that? Last summer. [Referring to a private function where he and Stocker served prototypes. And yes, they were worthy of a little hype.]

SN: Yeah, that was the hickory burger. We’re doing the classic and the steak and bacon burger. They’re all phenomenal, you know. And then any of them can be served with a veggie patty. I would like to get a gluten-free bun to serve that kind of under-served market. But we’ll see. No alcohol to start. Maybe down the road, but it kind of changes the vibe of a place.

TW: Plus, you are right by a high school.

SN: Yeah, and I’m a Stadium guy. We’re gonna have the Tiger shake ... and bring local flavors and local produce and products to the greatest extent we can that makes sense. It’s all about quality and freshness. I think our burgers will be unique in the market. And it’s gonna be affordable in a fabulous setting.

TW: And what is your target opening date?

SN: Well, first of November. I don’t know if that’s realistic or not, but we’d like to shoot for November.

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