Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Need some extra holiday money?

// Treasure Hunters Road Show makes five day stop in Tacoma

Ready to have some fun and make some money? Then it’s time to clean out the attic - the Treasure Hunters Road Show is coming to Tacoma for five days. These experts in antiquity and collectibles are on a worldwide treasure hunt and are coming to town to see what treasures they can find here in Tacoma. During this free event, the Treasure Hunters are expecting to see over 1,200 residents bringing in their rare and unusual collectibles. Locals will have a chance to talk to world-renowned antique and collectible experts, and it’s all free.

This weeklong event at the King Oscar Convention Center (8820 S. Hosmer) runs Dec. 12-17. Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Each day the Treasure Hunters will see items such as coins and paper currency issued prior to 1965, toys, dolls, trains, vintage jewelry, old and modern musical instruments, war memorabilia, gold and silver jewelry, costume jewelry, advertising memorabilia, swords, knives, daggers, and the unusual. Recent finds include a 1960’s vintage guitar purchased for $100,000. Four gold coins were purchased from a resident for over $72,000, Confederate money hidden in the walls of a residence that was uncovered during a remodel, Abraham Lincoln hand-written thank you letter, expressing gratitude for a night’s stay while traveling to Chicago, and much more.

Collectors are very serious about their hobby; so serious that they will pay a lot of money for the items they are looking for. Nearly all coins, vintage jewelry, musical instruments and toys made prior to 1965 are highly sought after by collectors. The Treasure Hunters Roadshow is a place where anyone in the community can connect with collectors from around the globe. The Treasure Hunters make offers based on what collectors are willing to pay. Then when someone decides to sell, they get paid on the spot and the Treasure Hunters send the item to the collector at the collector’s expense.

Have fun with your search. Empty your jewelry box of broken jewelry, dig out your old teeth containing dental gold, find your gold coins, gold bars, etc. Gold is traded on the stock market and prices fluctuate daily. The Treasure Hunters will buy gold based on the day’s current gold value.