Monday, June 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

Music Review: Big Wheel Stunt Show

// “Cheetah Milque”

Big Wheel Stunt Show deliver a rocking, bluesy mix of good-time tunes on their second album “Cheetah Milque.”

Named after a conversation about how different animals’ milk would affect a human, “Cheetah Milque” is packed with sprints of energetic funky fun, as one would expect to feel after drinking the milk from the fastest cat in the world.

The album gets off on the right foot starting out with the title track and showcases singer Evan Nagle’s deep, soulful vocals – which vaguely resemble those of the late great Jimi Hendrix when coupled with some echo effects.

Nagle’s blues-infused rock guitar is complemented perfectly with Jake Melius’ impressive, pounding bass plucks and Justin Gimse’s unrelenting drums.

As a band that prides themselves on their live performances, listeners definitely get a taste of that raw, in-your-face sound even through the stereo.

“Puget Blues” follows up with the classic, Southern rock style that has held its undeniable influence on the band.

A wandering bass line backs a series of mini-guitar solos for a little bit mellower tune that still packs a punch.

The Big Wheel gets a little psychedelic down the road in “Life Has Me” as an extended solo wails over indistinguishable, trippy voice tracks – definitely a throwback to the heyday of rock ‘n roll in the early 70s.

“Fool’s Time Now” and “When The Mountain Blows” tie up the eight-track album, and are arguably the highlights of “Cheetah Milque.”

“Fool’s Time” pairs a dizzying layer of strings with Gimse’s ever solid skins, that begs you to get rocking right along with the boys.

“When the Mountain Blows” takes it deep and twangy, setting an anthem all our neighbors in the outlying Mount Rainier area can relate to.

Check out Big Wheel Stunt Show live on Aug. 5 with James Coates at Jazzbones, and again in Tacoma Aug. 27 at Hell’s Kitchen. More info or get the album at