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// Where to watch, what to eat and how to imbibe on Super Sunday

Gary Payton versus Jordan in the 1996 NBA championship. The Mariners' record 116-win season in 2002. That thing that happened in Detroit in early 2006 (the details escape us.) All were high water marks in local sports history, but they will pale in comparison to a Seattle Seahawks win in Super Bowl 47.

The game will air at 3 p.m. on Channel 13, preceded by something like 50 hours of pregame analysis. Needless to say, you want this Super Bowl experience to be epic, and we've compiled three lists aimed at maximizing your game day fun.

Five places with super screens for game day viewing

Cheney Stadium (2502 S. Tyler St., Tacoma): Nobody in town has a bigger screen for catching every bone-jarring hit than Tacoma Rainiers, who will be showing the Super Bowl on the 50-foot screen that looms over left field. Ivar's will provide grub for the buffet and there will be domestic and craft beer specials throughout the game. The event is free and open to the general public, but you must be 21 or older to attend. Reserve a table by calling (253) 572-7707 during regular business hours or by e-mailing

Emerald Queen Casino (2024 E. 29th St., Tacoma): The EQ has been a 'Hawks hot spot all season, and it's sure to be standing room only on Sunday with the game projected onto the 40-foot, HD screen in the casino's I-5 Showroom. There will be plenty of chances to cash in on the game, with seven sports boards paying out $250 to two winners each quarter. But you've got to be 21 or older to attend this event; (253) 594-7777 or for further details.

Liberty Theater (116 W. Main Ave., Puyallup): The Liberty has got its own 40-foot screen and will have drink specials, three all-you-can-eat food stations and prize drawings throughout the game. Admission is $35 per person for this one or $250 per table of eight. E-mail for further more info.

The Ram (3001 Ruston Way in Tacoma or 10019 59th Ave., Lakewood): Known as a sports bar through the entire season, the waterfront Ram International will have drink specials throughout the game, including a drink-as-a-meal Proud Bloody Mary concoction. The main sports screen in the bar spans 10 feet for easy viewing. More info: (253) 756-7886 in Tacoma, (253) 584-3191 in Lakewood or

Harmon Tap Room (204 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma): Once one of Tacoma's best game day secrets, you'd better stake your claim early if you want to watch the game on the 12-foot projection screen the Tap Room keeps in its back showroom. Enjoy all day happy hour and possibly a special game day buffet, which owners were contemplating at press time. More info: (253) 212-2725 or

Five easy snacks that will be a hit at your Super Bowl party:

Mahogany chicken wings (from

Ingredients: 3 pounds chicken wings, split with tips discarded; ½ cup soy sauce; ½ cup honey; ¼ cup molasses; 2 tbsp chile sauce; 1 tsp. ground ginger; 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

Preparation: In a medium bowl, mix soy sauce, honey, molasses, chile sauce, ground ginger and garlic. Pour the mixture over the chicken. Cover and refrigerate for an hour. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Arrange chicken in a single layer on a large baking dish. Bake for approximately 50 minutes, turning once and brushing often with remaining soy sauce mixture. The wings are done when the meat is no longer pink and juices run clear.

Spicy-sweet pretzel mix (from

Ingredients: 2 cups thin pretzel sticks, 1 cup natural almonds, 2 tbsp. unsalted butter, 2 tbsp. dark-brown sugar, 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

Preparation: Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Toss pretzels together with almonds in a large bowl. Bring butter, sugar, cayenne and 1 tbsp. water to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring constantly. Pour over pretzel mixture and gently toss to combine. Spead mixture in a single layer on a prepared baking sheet. Bake until almonds crisp, about 20 minutes, tossing occasionally. Cool and serve.

Garlic-herb dip (from

Ingredients: 3 heads garlic; 1 cup mayonnaise; 1 tsp. lemon zest; 1 tsp. lemon juice; olive oil; chopped sage, parsley and salt to taste

Preparation: Cut heads of garlic crosswise, drizzle with olive oil, wrap in foil and roast at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. Squeeze out pulp and mix with other ingredients.

Ham and cheese pull-aparts (from

Ingredients: ½ cup mayonnaise, ¼ cup Italian dressing, 1 loaf soft Italian bread, 6 slices sharp cheddar, 1 pkg. brown sugar ham, tomato slices.

Preparation: Mix mayo and dressing and set aside. Cut off ends of bread and slice loaf, being careful not to cut all the way through to bottom. Spread dressing mix between every other pair of bread slices. Fill with ham, cheese and tomato. Serve with Cheese Nip crackers.

Baked tofu fries (from, vegan)

Ingredients: I package tofu, frozen, thawed, drained and pressed; 1/3 cup hot sauce; 4 tbsp. vegan butter, melted; 1 tbsp. agave nectar, ½ cup chickpea flour; 2 tsp. garlic powder; 1 tbsp. onion powder; 2 tsp. dried parsley; 2 tbsp. safflower oil; salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation: Cut tofu into shapes that resemble fries. Add tofu, flour and spices to a re-sealable bag or shallow bowl and toss gently. Heat oil over medium heat in large pan. Shake off excess flour and cook fries in batches until browned and crispy, about 4-5 minutes a side.

While fries are cooking, combine hot sauce, butter and agave in large bowl and whisk. Toss cooked fries in sauce mixture to coat. Serve with celery, carrot sticks and the dipping sauce of your choice.

15 drinking game rules to enhance (or possibly ruin) your viewing experience

Maybe you're in it more for the party and less for the Super Bowl part of the equation. Then follow these rules with your favorite soda and “shots” of hot sauce. Wink, wink. (But seriously, people. Consume responsibly, take a cab, and don't wind up in jail or E.R.)

Take a sip …

… for every Broncos player clinging desperately to Marshawn Lynch when he's in Beast Mode.

… for every related mention of Skittles.

… every time you see an ad featuring Bud Light, Papa John's or that freaky, talking baby.

… for every mention of Peyton Manning's legacy.

… for every mention of that overblown incident involving Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

… whenever Manning barks “Omaha!” from the line of scrimmage. There is no shame in tapping out of this or the previous rule. You don't want your liver and kidneys shutting down before halftime. Or ever, really.

Finish your beverage …

… if Sherman talks trash about any Broncos receiver after the game.

… every time Manning breaks a record …

… or exposes his ginormous, Mount Rushmore forehead.

… in the event that Lynch is finally featured in a Skittles commercial. Who is this guy's agent, and why – for the love of God – has this not happened yet?

Take a shot …

… if a reference to this being the Pot Bowl makes it into mainstream coverage.

… if Marshawn Lynch utters more than two words into a microphone after the game.

… if the camera catches any player bawling on the sidelines, two if it's Bronco Knowshon Moreno again (shedding tears of sorrow this time, of course.)

… if Joe Namath is spotted in the crowd and he drunkenly leans in for another kiss.

… if there is a “wardrobe malfunction” during Bruno Mars' or the Red Hot Chili Peppers' halftime performances. Take two if said malfunction recalls the Chili Peppers' strategically placed tube sock days. (This will help you forget what you've just seen.)