Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Make a Scene: Zook CD Release At New Frontier Lounge Feb. 28

Tacoma, prepare to meet your favorite new party band. Punk duo Zook will unleash its infectious, frenetic new sounds on the New Frontier Lounge on Friday, Feb. 28, opening for Port Orchard’s Mos Generator. And while the band is brand spankin’ new, the name will already be familiar to avid followers of the local hard rock scene. 

The band’s eponym is singer-guitarist Carl Zook, a veteran of Dirty Thieves, Buckwildz, Looking for Lizards and South 11th, among other area bands. The other half of the equation is Kaitlyn Fernandez, who is best known as the drummer for Tacoma skate-punk crew, Overboard. On Monday, the two described the easy rapport they’ve enjoyed since they were united last year in the lineup of Tacoma punk act I Defy. 

“I started jamming with them, and it just kind of clicked,” Fernandez recalled between sips of beer at Hilltop’s Broken Spoke. “We started jamming, playing more music and writing more songs; and then Carl and I started writing our own stuff. 

“I just like the way that Carl and I jam together,” she said. “I can lay down a beat, something I just made up; and he starts playing a riff, and it turns into a song.”

“We don't really have to talk about a lot of stuff,” Zook added. “It's not like we're spending a lot of time figuring (stuff) out. We just jam it out, and it goes really fast.”

Their chemistry comes through on, “Kick It!,” the eight-song debut they recorded at Tacoma’s Autopsy Room. Zook’s sound is brash, hooky and hedonistic. Chunky power chords and manic fills infuse party hearty lyrics about chugging beers, rockin’ clubs and hookin’ up. It’s mosh fuel, boozy escapism at its best. 

“She plays drums really well, in the pocket, so it's really driving,” Zook said of his bandmate. “It's heavy, but catchy. It'll make you drive your car a hundred miles an hour,” he added, laughing. “I like this the best out of anything I've been a part of. This is way better than anything else.” 

“Kick It!” will be available this weekend at Rocket Records, 3823 Sixth Ave., followed by a digital release, online at, among other sites. 

Music will start after 9 p.m. Friday at the New Frontier, located at 301 E. 25th St., in Tacoma. The cover charge is $5; (253) 572-4020 or for further details.