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Make a Scene: If it sounds like a party, it must be The Fat Tones

There is no other band quite like The Fat Tones. Anchoring their music in good ol’ rocking party blues, this three-man band has been entertaining audiences for the past 10 years with songs that never fail to get feet tapping and booties shaking. Whether playing purely instrumental jams or showcasing their trademark harmonic melodies and clever lyrics, The Fat Tones bring it every time. The band’s upcoming show at Jazzbones on Oct. 12 promises to be a night to remember.

“We really enjoy Jazzbones. It’s a great venue,” said percussionist Zach Cooper. Cooper’s career as a blues drummer and teacher spans a good number of years, with the past nearly three years playing with The Fat Tones. On guitar, Bobby Patterson possesses world-class talent that he does not hold back when playing live shows especially, and Bob Ehrgott on bass completes the trio with his effortless playing and songwriting contributions.

Actually, all three band mates pitch in to write the band’s original songs, according to Cooper. “In this case, and so rarely is it this way, it’s pretty much an equal effort. That’s our business approach as well: everyone has a hand in what’s going on so it’s a pretty equal split among the three of us.”

Tickets available now for Oct. 12 show at Jazzbones

A Maurice the Fish Records “Premiere Artist,” Cooper said The Fat Tones have enjoyed increased exposure since hooking up with this Tacoma-based label. This is what Maurice the Fish does – provide its artists with a platform in which they can maintain creative control of their music and attain visibility in a highly competitive market.

The label wins too through the solid name the band members have made for themselves over the years. The members have won multiple awards and nominations from the Inland Empire Blues Society (IEBS). Patterson is an IEBS Hall of Fame winner, voted best blues guitarist in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and best performer in 2004 and 2006. In 2010 he was nominated for best songwriter. Ehrgott was nominated for best bassist in 2006 and 2007. Cooper won best drummer in 2001 and 2005 and has been nominated for this award seven other times.

Adding to their catalog of six studio albums, The Fat Tones recorded a live CD this year and will begin work on a seventh studio album this coming January. Their last album, “Sounds Like a Party,” received rave reviews. A showcase of pure, old-school blues complete with killer harmonizing, howling harmonicas and Hammond B3 thrown in here and there, every song exemplifies the technical proficiency of the band members and their gift for mixing in highly entertaining lyrics. The track “My Big Deck” is a very cool example of The Fat Tones’ skill with hilarious lyrical innuendo and musical mastery: “I got a big deck/ it’s made outta wood/ the neighbor lady seen it and she understood/ I invited her over/ she said ‘what the heck’/ she came over and sat on/ my big deck.” This was the most requested song on KKZX 98.9 FM “The Classic Rock Station” in Spokane for three weeks in a row.

The Fat Tones are gearing up for a West Coast tour this winter. In the meantime, catch them Oct. 11 at the Highway 99 Club in Seattle and Oct. 14 at The Central Tavern in Kirkland. Tickets to their Oct. 12 show at Jazzbones, 8 p.m., are $10 day of show and $6 advance purchase at Learn more at