Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Make a Scene: Divine Fits rock the Crocodile

Seattle’s epic indie music venue The Crocodile was alive Aug. 30 with the energy from a packed house of fans waiting to see supergroup the Divine Fits rock out. The band consists of Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks). The band has only performed a handful of shows as the Divine Fits, but the star power alone from these rockers means it is only a matter of time (and not much, most likely) before they become household names. It will not take much for a band featuring the frontmen of longstanding band Spoon (Daniel), and edgy rockers Handsome Furs (Boeckner) to take over the airwaves.

When the players took the stage in Seattle for only the 10th time as a band, their charisma and talent were more than evident.

The band released their debut album “A Thing Called Divine Fits” only two days prior on Aug. 28. Before their official debut, the Divine Fits played their first few shows in Austin, which were well received by critics and fans alike. With two proven frontmen sharing the mic on the album, each track has a unique sound but the energy is consistent throughout.

Daniel is best known as the lead singer of Spoon, a band he co-founded in Austin back in 1993. Since then, he has built a career collaborating with a variety of artists ranging from Bright Eyes and White Rabbits to Interpol. He brings his post-punk, innovative pop sound to the stage and, combined with the edgy vocals and captivating stage presence of Boeckner, the band’s live shows keep the audience on their toes.

Boeckner’s Handsome Furs – a duo featuring him and wife Alexei Perry – announced their breakup in May, but his energetic vocals bring a darker, quasi-punk vibe to the Divine Fits. Drummer Sam Brown’s experience in New Bomb Turks rounds out the group as he provides a solid backbone for a stellar album.

The 11-track album leads off with “My Love is Real,” the band’s first single. With Boeckner on vocals and Daniel on synths and percussion, the song features a hook that will stick with you along with the vivid, quotable lyrics. “If I was the king she’s the knife in the water/ there’s so much to lose/ when my love is real/ until it stops.”

“Flaggin’ a Ride” features Daniel’s signature sound made famous by Spoon, employing repetitive beats and smooth-but-edgy vocals. “Can’t you see me wavin’ I’m flaggin’ a ride/ ‘cause I’m tryin’ to get to Providence I lost my way/ If I don’t make it there there’ll be hell to pay.”

With vocals and songwriting split about 50/50 between Daniel and Boeckner, each track offers something different for the listener, and the stage presence of these tried and true rockers make for an incredible live show. For more information about the Divine Fits or to check out their debut album, visit