Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Make a Scene: Danielle Egnew releases long-awaited Christmas album

During the release party for their new CD “Distortion of Reality” last month at Jazzbones, Sevens Revenge signed a new record deal onstage with Tin Star Records. A sister label to Tacoma’s Maurice the Fish Records, which helped Sevens Revenge get their start several years ago, Tin Star Records will help take the band to “the next level” in the 21st century recording industry, including assisting with the band’s sound, look, production values and more to help them achieve the success this awesome band is bound for. Present for the signing were Tin Star Records co-owners Danielle Egnew and Roy Pack. Egnew’s roots in Tacoma run deep; there are no doubt many who remember her fun and intimate performances at the much-missed Tempest Lounge. Also a co-owner of Maurice the Fish Records, and herself an accomplished singer/songwriter/producer, Egnew lives in Los Angeles so that she can be in the heart of her industry. Up to now she’s been mostly a silent partner in Maurice the Fish, but now has plans to be much more visible with the label, which means she’ll be visiting Tacoma whenever she can and perhaps scheduling a gig or two in the Puget Sound area like she did when she was here last month. “I have been a silent owner of Maurice the Fish for a long time because I wanted to just be an artist,” she said. But the stars are aligned for new ventures between the Fish and Tin Star, with Fish label mates/co-owners Susan Renville and Raymond Hayden (who, by the way, has just released his new EP titled “Broken” and will hold a listening party Jan. 16 at Smoky Joe’s in Fife to which the public is invited).

While she was in town, Egnew filled the Tacoma Weekly in on the projects she’s been up to of late. Just in time for the holidays, she has released her very first Christmas CD “12 Days of Christmas.” It includes favorites such as "The Little Drummer Boy," "Do You Hear What I Hear," "What Child Is This," Egnew’s own original holiday offering "Hometown Christmas" plus eight more classic holiday favorites. “It was the best gift I could have given myself: The gift of sharing love through music with the globe,” she said. It was her cousin Shawn who inspired her to make the CD during what Egnew described as a “bummer” Christmas last year. To help her lift her spirits, he challenged her to, every day, record a simple Christmas carol and post it on the Internet. “He said, ‘Even if you just grab a mic and drag it to the middle of the room, even if you just sit and play and sing – just record a carol every day for the 12 days up to Christmas.” So that’s what she did in her home recording studio. He told her not to get fancy with the music, but Egnew said she couldn’t resist adding French horns, strings and other embellishments.

“What I ended up doing was every day from scratch recording these gigantic arrangements.” Among the tracks are two stripped-down songs – “Joy to the World” and “Hometown Christmas” – and with her sweet, gentle voice, “Silent Night” sounds like it was meant to sound. In classic Egnew style, she can turn right around and let her big voice sing out too. “I’m extremely proud of this album. I got to use parts of my voice I never really get to use, which is my big classical voice. That was nice.” Order “12 Days of Christmas” at Another highlight of Egnew’s past year in music was the Tin Star Records release of the video “Play Some Merle,” a tribute to Merle Haggard that she directed with Tin Star co-owner Pack. Filmed in places around Wyoming, the video has received nearly 72,000 views on YouTube. Then there’s the book she released this past summer – “True Tails of the Truly Weird: Real Paranormal Accounts from a Real Psychic.” An internationally renowned psychic/medium and paranormal TV, radio and film host, Egnew has penned her memoirs of things she’s actually encountered in the unseen world, from ghosts and demons to extraterrestrials and more. Learn more and place your order at