Wednesday, July 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local launches Tacoma arts and entertainment website

Finding information about art and entertainment in Tacoma can be a daunting hodgepodge of information from various sources. But, one local resident has attempted to help others make sense of it all.

Photographer and art lover Peter Serko recently launched Tacoma Arts Scene, a website and listserv of area art, entertainment and events. The site also boasts a Facebook page to keep locals connected.

“I’m taking a three-pronged approach,” Serko said.

After getting positive feedback from a number of list members, Serko began establishing his listserv centered on the arts in Greater Tacoma called: Tacoma Art Scene. The list will be discussion-oriented and will have a web-based component where members can review (and participate) discussion online instead of in email.  Serko’s website, Tacoma Art Scene, will be an additional resource and will be the place to easily find the list.

Serko hopes the site will increase collaboration among artists. Having lived in downtown Tacoma for nearly six years, Serko said the arts community needed to find a way to connect.

“Especially now in this economic time, we need to work together,” Serko said. “Money is tighter and artists need to explore ways to network together.”

Serko said he’s “big on collaborative work” and points to programs like Spaceworks as a way to think outside of the box, in terms of art in Tacoma. He hopes the site catches on. So far, the site’s Facebook page has a modest following of 66 followers.

“I’m not sure where it’s going to go. Hopefully some place,” Serko said. 

This list is for discussion and to promote the exchange of ideas and perhaps better support networking, Serko said. In this time of diminishing resources and dwindling opportunities in the arts we need to work together more than ever to keep the arts alive and thriving in Tacoma, he added. 

“It’s important that we work together, in ways we wouldn’t ordinarily think to or want to,” Serko said. “We need to think a little outside the box. This site is another way to communicate with each other. I wanted to have one place to look and see what’s going on in arts scene in Tacoma.”