Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local artist puts new twist on art market

Helping to keep 6th Avenue’s art scene vibrant and fresh, South Sound artist Suni Cook Boucher is launching Artsy Smartsy on May 15 at Studio 6 Ballroom, a different take on the standard community-based marketplace.

Artsy Smartsy is all about giving area artists a dedicated space to display and sell their authentically hand-made, higher-end art. Whether it’s functional and funky furniture or framed art to hang on the walls, Artsy Smartsy is the place to go for shopping that’s a step above what you might find elsewhere. Boucher has also set the market dates to coincide with other art happenings on 6th Avenue like “Third Sundays” at Flying Monkey Mercantile, where artists and their works are specially showcased.

“I thought that if there were a market geared primarily toward art and have it on a day when there’s more art on 6th Avenue, like Third Sundays at Flying Monkey, that we might draw even more of an art-conscious crowd,” Boucher said. “Hopefully, we’ll start a trend.”

Artsy Smartsy is as much for the artists as it is the art-loving public.

“A lot of us artists need a place to sell without it costing rent every month to be there. I can’t invest $100 a month in a space that may or may not sell anything,” Boucher explained.

The market will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the third Sunday of each month, and it will be set up like any other marketplace with vendors at tables and display areas. Nothing commercially made or of second-hand quality will be sold – only re-purposed items that artists have made new again will be sold there, along with original works like photographs, paintings and jewelry.

A focal point of the market will be the new art wall that’s been recently installed inside Studio 6 Ballroom, featuring a different artist each month. “The wall will change before every Artsy Smartsy market so that every market will feature new art on the wall that will stay up all month long,” according to Boucher.

Boucher plans to introduce workshops and demonstrations to the market in the coming months as well.

Boucher is still looking for vendors. Those interested are asked to e-mail her at