Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Kim Archer celebrates new CD with live performance party at The Hub

Hot on the heels of her hugely successful CD release party at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle on Oct. 3 – complete with a busload of 56 fans traveling up from Tacoma – Kim Archer is ready to present her new album to her T-Town peeps.

On Oct. 22, Archer will be taking over The Hub for a two-pronged event beginning at 5:30 p.m. – an intimate acoustic session for 20 VIPs (advance tickets available only at The Hub) where she’ll talk about the songs on “My Friend” with album producer (and longtime Kim Archer Band drummer) Chris Tussing. The live show at 9:30 p.m. will showcase tracks off her amazing new album. The ever-popular James Coates will open. Tickets for the show are also available at The Hub (203 Tacoma Ave. S.).

“My Friend” represents all the best reasons why Archer remains one of our area’s most beloved singer/songwriters. For one thing, she is an artist whose lyrics must be heard, for they are what she needs to say in her authenticity. Hearing the words to her songs gives listeners keen insight into the mind and heart of this uniquely gifted songsmith.

Secondly, the musicianship found on every track of “My Friend” makes it obvious that the band worked hard on these songs, written and recorded with care and attention such that each individual instrument is played for a reason rather than to simply fill in the sound. The way in which the music complements the lyrics is noticeable as well, making for a rich listening experience.

“In putting this CD together, I wanted to create something that’s a nice listen all the way through,” Archer said. “The lyrics are inside the packaging so when you want to sit down, put on the headphones, get the words in front of you and listen, you’ll have that whole album experience. That’s how I love to listen to music, and I wanted to present my music that way to my fans.”

The title track is a standout, about how relationships with our parents change as we get older. “I wrote that song for my mother at a time when she was going through some things,” Archer explained. “I really connected to her from a woman-to-woman standpoint more than mother-to-daughter. I saw another woman in pain with her heart broken, and it made me see her in a different light – it made her so much more human to me.”

“Exclusive Interview” she co-wrote with Tussing’s daughter Leah Tussing. With Leah’s powerful, angelic voice accompanying Archer’s, the two seem meant to record together. Archer described the song as “naked and honest…. There’s not a lot of production – just a piano, guitar and voice.”

Heard in sequential order, the tunes on “My Friend” take listeners on a ride that rises and falls, dances and rests, just like Archer’s live shows. “Nothing In This World” is a straight-up rock tune, while the next song, “Sweet Memories,” reveals a softer sense of vulnerability.

With her new CD finally released, Archer said she is more convinced than ever that her journey as a self-employed, full-time musician is right where she should be. She may not have been one of the chosen few to appear on season two of “The Voice,” but traveling to Los Angeles this past August to take a shot at it was a fantastic experience, she said.

“I was so overwhelmed by the support I got. I learned a lot of things and met a lot of great people I’m still in contact with.

“There is a path for me, and I’m on it, so it’s fine when things I try add to my experience for other things I will be experiencing further down my path.”

Order “My Friend” at, download it on iTunes, or stop by AMOCAT Café (625 St. Helens Ave.).