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Junkyard Jane

// F-Bombs and Love Letters

Local favorites Junkyard Jane return with a mix of blues, country, folk and rock on their new album.

“Madly, Truly, Deeply,” an easygoing song dominated by Chris Kliemann’s keyboards, starts the album. Leanne Trevalyan sings lead on this song about true love. “Until my last breath is drawn/ you’ll be the only one/ I need you here with me.”

Billy Stoops sings lead first on “Ride,” a tune about the joy of road trips. “I was always built for speed, it’s running through my veins/ never one for sitting still, yeah I’m just like a runaway train.” He plays a slow, tasteful guitar solo.

“The Devil Made Me Do It” begins with Jim King on saxophone. That gives way to a sparse arrangement of guitars and drums. Trevalyan’s vocals are quite sultry. “Tonight I’m gonna throw caution to the wind/ tonight, I will be your beautiful sin.”

The country tune “Thunder Road” is one of the stronger tracks. It is an easygoing number and Trevalyan’s vocals really shine. “Synchronicity and electricity/ echo out each and every breath/ thunder moon in the midnight sky/ lightning struck twice, hit you and I.”

Stoops sings lead on “Running Back To You,” a song that recalls the Rolling Stones forays into country in the 1970s. His harmonica playing adds a fitting touch.

On “Haunt Me,” Stoops sings of encountering a woman from his past. “In your torn, faded red dress/ I guess I will have to confess/ as you stand there staring at my unconstructed mess.” He plays two good rock ‘n roll solos, one rather long, the other fairly short.

Trevalyan sings lead on “Needle In A Haystack.” She admits to having no clue what tomorrow holds and is just trying to make sense of the present. “I am always searching for the questions/ to the answers that I can’t see/ I better go just to make and impression/ just like a winner on ‘Jeopardy.’”

“All For You” wraps things up. It is a good selection to close the album, as its upbeat, country-leaning sound is a good contrast to the last few tracks. Stoops sings lead on this love song. “Now when we’re not together, you’re always on my mind/ I can still get moving but it takes a little more time/ and when I’m there with you, you melt away my blues/ touch of your hand and then I can be there all for you.”

Junkyard Jane plays Oxford Saloon in Snohomish at 9 p.m. on Oct. 28 and Jazzbones in Tacoma at 8 p.m. on Nov. 4.

Reviewed by John Larson