Saturday, June 24, 2017 This Week's Paper

Contrasting styles pair well at library

Angela Wales Rockett and Karen Utter have their studios in the same downtown location. While they create in close proximity, their styles are quite different, as apparent in the exhibit “Views From Within” at the main branch of Tacoma Public Library.

Utter’s paintings are bright, cheerful, colorful and well defined, while Rockett’s work in acrylic paint and combined media are less defined with blacks, blues and grays serving as her dominant colors.

Many of Rockett’s creations have objects that are not clearly defined. “January Light,” for example, has dark bands running from right to left. Only tinges of red and yellow are in the upper right corner.

The reflection of trees in the water is seen in “River Walk.” It appears that differently sized brushes were used on “Flames of Autumn.” Fiery shades of red and orange were used.

Waves crashing upon the shore are seen in “Ocean Spray.”

Trees on a hillside can be seen behind the fog in “Through the Mist.”

On several of the paintings, Rockett appears to have slashed them with a razor.

A post of a wharf in red is in the lower left corner of “Fabulous Cloud,” which has white and gray as the dominant colors. Upon closer inspection, the viewer sees pages from a book were used to create this piece.

Strips of paper were used in “Dazed Spring,” although they do not contain words.

A blue mist takes up much of the space on “Mist and Branches IV.” A yellow sunrise peeks through in the lower right corner.

“Sheltering Stones” has what appears to be a blue lake. Five gray stones are in the middle, two well defined and three smaller ones that are more vague in their definition.

Circles are a motif in Utter’s paintings. “Study III” shows green circles on a blue pathway with a blue sky in the background. “Study IV” has yellow/orange circles on a pink pathway.

“Red Sky At Night” has the moon in the upper right corner. One edge of it fades into the pink sky.

One wall contains six of her paintings. They are arranged well, with three having blue and green as the dominant colors and three with orange or red as the dominant colors.

“Perfect Spring Day” has a yellow path that disappears into blue hills. It makes the viewer curious of where it leads.

An adjacent wall has more of Utter’s works. “Red Path” has a red path and green hills. A bird sits atop an oval-shaped shrub. The creature is colorful, with a purple body, green wing, red belly and blue head.

“Views From Within” is on display through April 30.