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Classic Crime takes back rock roots with new album

Seattle-based band The Classic Crime may have good reason to be on your iPod's most wanted list.

Their sound is diverse, solid and it rocks. They have dabbled in dark and heavy, as well as introspective acoustic sets, which has not always kept their fans happy, but since when is that a crime?

Band mates Matt MacDonald (vocals), Allan Clark (bass), Robbie Negrin (guitar), Justin Duque (guitar) and Skip Erickson (drums) have been playing together as The Classic Crime for four years, and playing live almost non-stop since their debut album "Albatross" (2006), which set a sales record for their label, Tooth & Nail.

The success of their first album, well-received tours and a risky 2007 "Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions" have brought them to where they are now with the upcoming release of their second full-length album "The Silver Cord," which will be unveiled July 22.

According to MacDonald, the band tries to steer away from any genre-specific labels, and hopes to attract listeners with broad musical tastes and open minds, something that can be challenging in a scenester-heavy music scene.

"It's kind of sad that everyone's a little could cut yourself off from a lot of different stuff," he said.

The band itself follows that philosophy, too. Tastes and influences range from band mate to band mate - however, it seems they can all agree on music that more-or-less rocks.

"We enjoy softer music, we also enjoy heavier, harder, thrashier music," MacDonald said. "We try to blur the lines a little bit when it comes to a certain genre. I think our new album does that a little more. It's heavier, softer and weirder than 'Albatross.'"

"The Silver Cord" is the product of a band really coming into their own after playing countless live shows and covering more than 160,000 miles in the last two years touring. The recording style reflects their live performance, with many tracks needing only one take, the band playing each song together, and very little in the way of post production.

"You can listen to it over and over, because it's not this mechanical thing over and over," MacDonald said. "That's really what we wanted - something that would grow on people, not something that would show them all the cards the first time around."

Unlike "Albatross," which was written over a longer period of time before getting into the studio, songs on "The Silver Cord" were written almost right as they were being recorded, so the album is a true representation of The Classic Crime at that period in their life.

It also throws a bone to the band's initial fans who may have gotten a little lost over the release of the acoustic EP.

"We went a little softer on the EP; I think the hard rock kids are going to like this one,"

MacDonald said.

The Classic Crime will play their CD release show for "The Silver Cord" July 22 at the Showbox in Seattle, and the Vans Warped Tour at the Gorge Amphitheatre Aug. 9.

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