Saturday, July 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

CD Review: White Rabbits - Milk Famous

In their highly anticipated third release "Milk Famous," White Rabbits are back with what can only be described as high-energy indie rock with an edge. The Brooklyn-based band draws from their Midwestern roots and eclectic musical backgrounds to create a solid album sure to please new listeners and longtime fans alike.

White Rabbits is Stephen Patterson (vocals/piano/guitar), Jamie Levinson (drums), Matthew Clark (drums/guitar), Alex Even (guitar) and Gregory Roberts (guitar/vocals).

The band's overwhelming emphasis on drumbeats (how many bands have a two-drummer setup??) – rather than vocals or guitars, keeps the pace alive along with understated but solid vocals.

The band met in Columbia, Mo., where Patterson was earning a degree in music composition and jazz drumming, and playing in legit jazz groups where he apparently learned a few things.

"It was always a struggle for me early on to learn how to play instruments that had notes," he admitted. "Once I started viewing the keyboards as 88 drums, it really opened up the way I can play."

The 11-track album, set to be released March 6, was produced by Mike McCarthy and released on TBD Records, best known as the current U.S. home for Radiohead.

The album's first single "Temporary" makes waves with its almost '80s punk-like vocal sound combined with a solid rock instrumentation, followed by the album's second release "Heavy Metal," featuring cascading guitars and almost hypnotic vocals.

This band, featuring a sound that NPR calls "straightforward rock that hides a lot underneath the surface," is one to watch. And with a live performance that Esquire lists as one of the "Nine Shows a Man Should See," they're worth checking out when they play later this month at the infamous Crocodile Café.

And after giving this album a listen, I'm pretty sure even ladies like me would dig this show.

Check out White Rabbits at the Crocodile in Seattle on March 24. Tickets are $13, available now at