Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

CD Review: Digital Chemistry “Connections”

Tremendous musicianship. Exceptional engineering work. A professional package. This is what fans and music reviewers alike have been saying about the not-so-easy-to-categorize music of Digital Chemistry. And it’s not easy in a good way. Offering a completely unique sound with echoes of greats like Rush, Tool, Metallica and Joe Satriani, this tight band blends progressive rock, alternative rock, hard rock and fusion jazz to create music with depth and top-notch musicianship.

Rob Fowler, on guitar and lead vocals, writes all music and lyrics. Glenn Strom plays drums and Cliff Peddigrew plays bass and sings backing vocals. Their EP “Connections” offers three polished songs that give listeners a clear vision of what Digital Chemistry is all about. Hearing “Real Life,” “Chances” and “Dig” is an eclectic and immersive experience, with proficiently played instrumentation that proves the mettle of these three music artists.

The best way to experience Digital Chemistry is to see them live. Their music translates perfectly to arena rock venues. Like the classic rock heroes of days gone by, Digital Chemistry is at their best when playing for live audiences – another way in which this band shows influences that span the annals of rock.

Digital Chemistry was born as the studio side project of founder and long-time professional guitarist Fowler, and is named after his project studio Digital Chemistry Recording and Productions (est. 1998). The project has had various iterations and band line-ups, as Fowler’s music has evolved from instrumental guitar rock and video game music, to long-form progressive rock and later progressive metal, and now the culmination that is Digital Chemistry.

Peddigrew has been both an original artist and club band bassist/vocalist in California and Illinois and now has returned to the Northwest after a several year hiatus. His skill on the 6-string bass is unparalleled and has earned him kudos far and wide. The interplay between his bass and Fowler’s guitar makes for a classic rock sound akin to bands like Queen and Iron Maiden. Strom is a native of the Eastside Seattle area and has been involved in music for nearly 20 years. He is known as a "smooth and by the numbers" drummer who can both wail on his own and play note for note with the best of them.

See and hear for yourself why Digital Chemistry is the ultimate "Alternative Progressive Rock for the New Millennium." The band plays live May 4 at The Backstage Bar & Grill (6409 6th Ave.) at 9 p.m. Tomorrows Dream will make a rare appearance and share the stage with other great bands of the Northwest including Tempul and Tatarus. Learn more at